5 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained During the Pandemic

This has been a weird year and no matter where you are in the world, you’ve probably been affected in some way. We’ve had to get a lot more creative about how we have fun, especially if you’re living somewhere where there’s been lockdowns or restrictions. Many countries around the world are looking to enter a ‘second wave’ of the pandemic, with numbers increasing in countries like the UK, Spain and France. If where you are is looking to experience a second wave, or you’re just wanting to ensure your family stays safe, then you may be interested in these 5 ways to keep yourself entertained during the pandemic.

1. Take on a DIY Project
You know what’s increased a lot during the pandemic? DIY projects! I’m not sure whether it’s because people are spending more time at home, and noticing projects more, or whether it’s just a way to feel productive in a relatively strange time in our lives, but DIY projects are very popular right now. There are so many things you can do, but some ideas could include redoing your living space, investing in a new mattress, installing a deck or investing in a fire pit to transform your outdoor space for the cooler months. Think about a project that’s going to make your home more comfortable and will allow you to make the most of your home during any upcoming lockdowns.

2. Make a Little Extra Cash
Why not have some fun and potentially make some extra cash on the side. You can have some fun playing online casino games on sites like min $5 deposit casino. While this can be a great way to make some extra money, you need to be aware that you can lose it too! So only spend what you can afford to lose. This is a great way to pass the quarantine period as it’s really fun and engaging. You might even like to invite your friends and play alongside them. This is the perfect solution if you enjoy casinos, but aren’t able to visit them due to closures and restrictions currently going on.

3. Learn a New Language
Have you always wanted to learn a second or even third language? There’s no better time than now to get started and once travel opens up properly you’ll have a new language in your toolkit for traveling. I personally speak to languages, English and Spanish, and am considering learning French as I’ve always been fascinated by it. You can use free apps like Duolingo to get started with the basics for the language. I do think an important part of learning is having actual conversations with native speakers of your target languages. You can consider doing a language exchange with someone, or hire an online teacher to help you with classes during the pandemic.

4. Zoom Party
This year will go down as a year where so many of us celebrated special occasions through Zoom calls. Even if things have loosened up where you are, international travel may still be on hold, or may be on hold where your loved ones are. In order to still catch up with them and to celebrate birthdays, engagements, births and everything else that’s been going on, I think a Zoom call is a wonderful way to spend time together. Why not make it even more fun by asking everyone to dress up, either in their best clothes, or in a costume to make it extra fun.

5. Don’t Forget Your High Risk Family Members
While the pandemic has been isolating for all of us, there are many people who have found it even more so. People who are high risk, such as those above age 60, those with immune system issues and other preexisting conditions have found themselves even more isolated. As such, it’s even more important we take the time to connect with them. Whether that’s through a Zoom call, or getting pen and paper out and writing them a traditional letter. Be sure to check in every week or so, so that they feel well cared for and don’t find this period too lonely.

Hopefully these 5 ways to keep yourself entertained during the pandemic help you pass the time more quickly, feel productive and strengthen your relationships with others.