Hi, I'm Anna and this is my life.

Anna Viva can be literally translated to “Anna Alive” which is basically what my blog’s about; everything to do with my life. I’m originally from Sydney, Australia but I’m on one of those long trips that never seems to end.

After finishing High School I started a few courses I never fell for and ended up working a bunch of jobs that were boring and I frankly couldn’t see myself working in long term. I decided that spending a huge chunk of money on going to University wasn’t for me, so packed my bags, saved some cash and hit the road.

I stopped off in Asia for 7 weeks, before heading onto Europe. I have been working as an au pair since mid Jan in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve always been interested in Spanish and am hoping to learn a little more about the culture here. I don’t really know, I’m kind of just seeing where the wind takes me. I’ve always wanted to go to South America but somehow ended up in Europe on a whim.

I kind of feel like we have forever to grow up, so I’m not really in any rush. To supplement my au pair “pocket money” I’ve started freelance writing on Elance.com. At some point, I’d like to get to the stage where I earn enough from that so that I no longer need to hang out with other people’s children. As cute as kids are, they can be very testing at times and I’d rather be on holiday.

I want to give myself a few years of no pressure, no rush to grow up, no rush to figure it all out, no rush to start doing adult things. I want to give myself the time to explore this world and to let traveling be my education.

I also don’t think the traditional buy a house, get married, have kids kind-of lifestyle’s going to cut it for me, but we’ll see…

So this blog is everything I learn, or love, along the way.