DBS Checks in childcare: What you need to know

In this week’s blog we look at DBS Checks in childcare.

Childcare is a plays a huge role in society and unsurprisingly is regarded as an area of major importance by the DBS when being looked at in terms of safeguarding.

When we think about childcare establishments, this can range from nurseries and crèches, to schools or even to private settings.

It’s essential that every child is being protected as best they can and that there are appropriate measures in place for this to keep them from harm.

Whether you’re a parent, guardian or employee in this industry – read on for the key information on DBS Checks in childcare.

Should you be applying for a DBS Check?

There are some crucial questions that define whether a DBS Check is required in childcare:

  • Is the applicant in question working in regular unsupervised activity? (Regular means at least four times in a 30 day period)
  • Do you work in a limited range of establishment? (This includes schools, nurseries, children centres or any childcare settings)
  • Do you provide any personal care?
  • Are you a foster carer/host family?
  • Are you tutoring/mentoring a child?

If any of these categories sound familiar, then you should look into applying for a DBS check.

Some other factors which could make you eligible for a DBS Disclosure might be:

  • Being a trustee or governor of a school or children’s charity who oversees recruitment decisions into who will be looking after the children
  • Working in childcare for an organisation or being registered to a childcare recruitment agency

Again, if this applies to you, you should look further into applying for a DBS Check or call us for more information.

Points of note

Even if you have no contact with children but are working at a limited establishment e.g. in a school as a builder, you would still need a DBS Check.

The level of Check would need to be determined but a DBS Check would be a requirement.

Regulations within the DBS mean only an organisation or company can apply for a DBS Check.

Therefore, if you are working as a self-employed childcare provider please refer to your local council so they can apply for this Check on your behalf.

If you are a private nanny/childminder this would actually fall into a category called a domestic arrangement and therefore you would only be able to get a Basic Criminal Record Check.

Here at uCheck we do offer these checks. Although they are not DBS Checks, they still are criminal record checks and do show up any unspent convictions on a person’s record.

NB: an unspent conviction is a conviction which is recent, serious or still on somebody’s record which is not spent.

DBS Checks in childcare: Conclusion

We hope you found our blog on DBS Checks for childcare useful.

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