Essential Technological Tools every freelancer should have

Freelancing is gradually becoming the order of the day. Nowadays, most companies prefer going out for freelancers as compared to in-house employees. This is a piece of great news for all freelancers, but you need to be abreast of technology to benefit.

As a freelancer, it is needful to employ technology for your task management to remain productive and competitive. This has even become easier as new tools come up almost every day to enhance our work. These tools, among other things, can help you organize your workflow, meet deadlines, schedule social media posts, and check your performance.

Top 5 must use tools for freelancers

Freelancing is one of the affordable, convenient, and stress-free ways of working. However, this can be the opposite without the right technology. Can you imagine having to do all your tasks manually without the help of any tool? Things can be tedious and overwhelming, making you miss your deadline and money. But the good news is that there are useful tools for any task you may think of.

Out of the many, our focus is on five must-have tools for every freelancer.

  1. Streak

Streak is a customer relationship management (CRM) system used in tracking and managing customers and projects. It also helps with tracking leads and prospects, among others, and the best option for freelance writers. To use streak, download the extension and as part of your Gmail app. It can help you track your projects.

  1. Due

Some freelancers find it difficult to bill and receive online payments after submitting their works. But with Due, this hustle is over. Due is a secure and convenient payment solution for freelancers, businesses, and organizations. This encrypted wallet also comes with an invoicing system for a fast and easy payment process. With its easy to navigate dashboard, you can track all your payments.

  1. Evernote

You want a jotter or a place to dot all your ideas, then think Evernote. This tool helps you to keep track of all your important notes. Being able to access is everywhere; it is the best place to organize your thoughts, to-do-list, schedules, assignment help and everything necessary. Sign up for Evernote and enjoy its benefits.

  1. Timely

Tracking your time and the hours you spend on projects is one of the effective ways to manage your time. Time tracking has been made easier with the inception of timely, a cloud-based tracking app. This cross-device app automatically tracks you as you integrate it with your calendar, computer files, GPS, and productivity apps.

  1. Ommwriter

You always need to be in the right frame of mind, devoid of any distractions to work effectively. Ommwriter is one of the best apps to keep freelancers from distraction when working. It helps you concentrate on your job and stimulate your senses to focus on what you are doing.


You can harness the benefits of technology as a freelancer to make life and work better and easier. From the start of work to your delivery, use useful tools that are efficient and reliable. Make the best use of your time, as there is none to waste.