How the Internet Changed the Bingo?

Have you ever wondered how the lovely game bingo has come and captured so many hearts? Playing bingo is not just a game but it is a passion, it is a way for you to get relaxed and at the same time to spend some time with your friends and relatives. You can play bingo also in order to win some good cash. But the bingo has its own history and during the years it was changed a lot due to the increasing popularity of the internet sector.

History of the Bingo

Originally the game was not called Bingo as it is known for some other names during the years. For example, in India, it is called Tambola, while in Canada it is popular with the name Kinzo. The bingo roots will bring us back in the 16th century and more exactly around 1530.

It has been spoken that the origins of this game come from Italy as there was a game very similar to the bingo: Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. It is coming from the typical lottery games but it evolved during the years. The modern version of the game came in the 1920s, mostly played on fairs and carnivals and its contributor was Hugh J. Ward.

Up-to-date the bingo is very popular in many countries, especially in India, Canada and Great Britain. The bingo ticket in its modern appearance was created by Erwin S. Lowe in 1942. It is a typical 9×3 ticket which is used all over the UK.

Why the Bingo Halls Were Left in Favor of the Online Bingo Sites

Since 2005 till today more than more bingo halls all over the world are closing. The internet created lots of online bingo websites with the idea to replace exactly the local halls for the bingo players. Of course, there were so many reasons for this to happen as not only the internet should be blamed.

For example, in most of the countries, it is forbidden to smoke inside the pubs, bars and even bingo halls. In addition, the taxes and the fees, which had to be paid out, increased significantly, while the wins from the bingo were not that big. The lack of finances and loyal people forced to close a great number of bingo clubs all over the world.

What is the Advantage of the Online Bingo Portals

It looks like that after most of the bingo halls were closed; the online bingo websites became extremely popular by everyone. This is because the excellent welcome packages, having free bingo bonus deals and no deposit offers, were given to everyone who makes his free account on the different online bingo platforms.

Other Benefits of Playing Bingo Online

You should definitely check out the benefit of playing online bingo bonuses. They can boost your winnings. It is always good to have them on board, especially when they come just for free. Surely, the promotions and the fact that you are staying at home is the biggest advantage on the online bingo websites before the old-fashioned bingo halls.

Why We Blame the Technology

Definitely, technology is the reason why online bingo is nowadays more recommended than the old-fashioned bingo halls. People are getting lazy, they do not socialize with their friends and the other bingo players. It looks like that one day we will do not know what is this yelling of B-I-N-G-O. Sitting on the computer is definitely having many benefits but the passion of the game is not the same.

The Bottom Line

Definitely, technology is playing a vital part of the modern bingo world. We are happy to see that there are so many online platforms where you can play this amazing game. But it will be better if people continue visiting the local bingo halls.

Just remember how it was in the good old days, when we all gathered in the bingo halls, drinking beers, playing bingo and discussing different topics from our daily lives. Instead of that, we are lazy, sitting at our homes and playing online bingo.

Surely, online bingo has lots of advantages, mostly from the bonuses and promotions perspective. But after all of these portals cannot bring you the emotions which you will experience playing in the facilities like the standard bingo halls.