10 Stretches & Exercises That Naturally Detox the Body

If it’s been a while since you prioritized your health, detoxing can provide fast relief for upset stomach and other concerns. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to make a commitment to a long-term detox. In these cases, use these 10 exercises to move toxins out of your body naturally.

How Does Movement Detox the Body?

When you get moving, your heart pumps faster so that oxygen can move throughout your body more efficiently. As your blood circulation increases, your liver and kidneys’ toxin filtration rate also goes up.

Promote the Flushing of Toxins With Stretches & Exercise

To use exercise as a complement to your hangover detox, check out 10 popular stretches. The first is a runner’s lunge. Get into a plank, and then move one of your feet up by your hands. Lower your back, core, and hips until the back of your leg stretches out.

Downward dog, a yoga pose, is another popular stretch. While in a plank, push up so that your back and legs form a triangle. Your bottom should be higher than the rest of your body.

Cobra is another popular yoga pose that helps flush toxins out of your blood. Return to your plank position, and let your legs sink down until they hit the floor. Use your arms to push your chest upright and as far away from the floor as possible.

For a third yoga move, try the child’s position. Kneel down, then push your bottom back and down. Lower your upper body and reach your hands out in front of you.

To stretch your core and get your heart rate up, position yourself on your hands and knees. Raise your back and core as high as possible, and then relax and let them fall.

Butterfly position is another good stretch to pair with Mega Clean and other cleanses. Sit down, keeping your back as straight as possible, and bend your knees inward until your feet meet. Use your elbows to push on your knees until they touch the floor.

If you prefer active stretches, try some lateral lunges. While standing, spread your feet wide and shift your weight from side to side. For the side that you’re leaning on, bend your knee, but keep the other leg straight.

Another leg stretch involves lying down, bending one knee at a time, and pulling it as close to your body as you can. Sustain the pose for at least 30 seconds before switching to your other side.

The reverse motion also releases tension and boosts your blood flow. While lying on your side, grab your top knee and pull it towards your bottom until your quad is fully stretched.

Finally, your tenth stretch targets your lower back. Lie down on your back and bend both legs. Pull them towards your chest without lifting your lower back, and maintain the pose for around a minute.

The next time you need to detox, complement your herbal cleanses with one of these 10 stretches.