3 Tips for Making Your Office More Ecofriendly

If you’re working in an office, chances are you’ve thought about ways to make your office more eco-friendly. Our impact on the environment will ripple through the generations, and so it’s important that we consider how we can make small differences each day, so that over the course of our lifetime we can have a positive impact or at least not a detrimental one! One of the best ways to make your office more eco-friendly is to cut down on electricity usage. Another thing you can do is look to reduce waste, especially in the office kitchen. The third way you can minimise your office’s impact is by considering carpooling or cycling to work. Here are my top 3 tips for making your office more eco-friendly:

1. Look At Your Power Consumption
You might be surprised to learn how much some appliances in the office use each day. Generally the biggest offender is the air con machine, which can guzzle through thousands of pounds of electricity each year. The second most common electricity zapper is a server, which makes sense because they’re generally on around the clock. For some suggestions of ways to cut back on electricity usage in the office, click here to learn more from Utilitybidder.

2. Reduce Wastage
It can be surprising how much wastage an office can create, and more depending on the industry you’re in. One of the best ways to reduce wastage is to look at what’s going on in the office kitchen. If you’re using coffee pods, for example, you can look to change to filter or French press coffee, which will dramatically reduce the plastic output for your office. Likewise you can implement a compost system to collect all of the organic waste products from your office kitchen. If your company sends out a lot of paper flyers, you might find it more appropriate to switch your marketing to a more digital approach to cut back on how much paper wastage there is.

3. Carpool, Cycle or Use Public Transport
Sometimes there’s no other way to get to work other than by car – due to the distance or lack of public options. In this case, you might want to see if you have any coworkers you could carpool with – each taking turns to drive and sharing the load of gas each week. This can be a great way to become more social with your colleagues, all while ensuring that you’re reducing your fuel emissions. Likewise you could start cycling to work, even getting some of you coworkers to cycle too. It’s an affordable way to get around, great for your body and fitness and of course has positive impacts for the environment too!

Small changes that you can easily keep up each day are the best way to help make your office more eco-friendly.