3 Ways to Transform Your Health in 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, I’ve started thinking about my new year’s resolutions and the changes I want to make in the new year. Top of the list is focusing on my health. The pandemic really impacted my overall health, mood and fitness with gyms closed and it harder than ever before to be active. However, with life returning to normal I feel like there’s never been a better time to get back on the health and fitness journey. There are a few things you can do to transform your health in 2023 that don’t have to feel like a ton of work to keep at. Check out my top 3 tips for transforming your health in 2023 below and get started on your journey to your best health ever.

Pick Up a New Sport

Getting really into yoga was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Not only have I made a great community of friends, but my body is feeling better than it has ever done before. The regular workouts are great for my mental health and energy levels too. You need to find something that you love and can stick to, so that you’ll stay motivated when the chaos of life kicks in. An easy way to get started with a sport is to pick something some of your friends are already doing as then you’ll have some social pressure to help you get started. If your friends play tennis, for example, why not pick up some Tennis Shoes at Tennis HQ, a new racket and give it a whirl. Having friends that already play, that can introduce you to other people who play, and who can help keep you motivated when life gets in the way can help ensure you succeed in your new sport.

Go Organic

If you haven’t started buying organic produce, it’s not too late! Organic produce has a reputation for being much more expensive than supermarket produce, but in my experience if you buy directly from the farmers the prices are often very comparable because there’s not the supermarket mark up. I’ve also noticed buying direct from the producers means that I get fresher food, which means it lasts longer. I’ve noticed a lot less food wastage since switching to organic. They say you are what you eat, and I feel a lot more confident not eating food that is grown in a healthy way without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides. 

Consider a Blood Panel

If you’re not feeling your best and despite good sleep, then you might be working with a deficiency or something that could be getting in the way of your optimum health. I suggest getting a blood panel done if you’re feeling low energy or disproportionately tired. You might have a deficiency in something like B12, Vitamin D, or some other mineral that can be easily fixed. A great way of fueling your body with necessary vitamins is taking IV therapy in New York City, which will deliver all the vitamins directly to your bloodstream. If you’ve had any sudden weight changes, it might also be worthwhile looking into your thyroid levels as they can also impact your overall energy and mood. Ensuring your body is working well can be a great first step in taking charge of your health. 

Your health is your most important asset and it’s often the first thing that is overlooked when life gets busy. I hope these three suggestions for ways to transform your health in 2023 inspire you to take better care of yourself.