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5 Tips for the Gym

Going to the gym is a great way to tone up, to burn fat and to keep your body and mind healthy. I’ve been gyming consistently for the past couple of years and can notice the difference in my health, mood and my energy as well. Whether you’re new to the gym or been going for a long time, I may have some tips that can help you feel more confident, take better care of yourself and ensure you’re not doing any damage.

1. Get a Trainer
Before you freak out – I know that not everyone has the spare money each week to have a trainer every time they go to the gym. The truth is, you don’t need a trainer every single time, but you should consider a trainer to help you with a program, to ensure you’re keeping your form and to keep you motivated. Of course this will depend on your budget, but once a week, once every two weeks or once a month would be a great investment. If you’re on a strict budget, consider getting a trainer to help you with your program and form early on and then just revisit them whenever you feel you need to or have some money spare in your budget.

2. Have a Routine
The gym, for me, is one of those places I love to be once I’m there, but getting myself there is a big challenge. If I have a routine with a clear plan, for example Monday is legs, then I know missing out that day will throw everything off. It keeps me accountable and ensures my body is getting sufficient rest.

3. Don’t Rush Your Work Out
Short on time? That’s OK, maybe consider going to the gym more often or focusing on weights more than cardio to get better bang for your buck. Never, ever rush your work out because if you do it’s a recipe for disaster – or for a gym-jury, ouch! You may be surprised to learn 18 percent have a back problem due to exercise suggests a new study by Hayward Baker.¬†Personally, I was surprised to hear that was such a high number. That’s why it’s important to make sure your form is correct and that you’re not rushing your work out to avoid injury. Check out Hayward Baker handy personal injury calculator.

4. Eat Properly
You need to eat properly before and after your work outs to ensure you have enough energy to really make the most of the work out. If I’m hungry before the gym, I try to have a protein shake so that it’s light on my stomach and going to ensure I have enough protein in my body to convert into muscle! It’s important to eat after the gym too, so carry some snacks if you’re unable to have a proper meal after your workout.

5. Get a Gym Buddy
Struggling with accountability? I do too. I find that going with a friend really helps me stay focused, work out longer and stay for the length of my planned work out. If you don’t have any friends or family members who can gym when you do, consider having a friend be your long-distance buddy. Share your work outs, congratulation each other on your successes and just generally keep each other motivated!

Use these tips to keep yourself fit, healthy, and injury free. Check out this cool infographic below: