A few secrets to stay fresh faced through time

Staying healthy and fresh faced as the years go by is a challenge for many. Sooner or later everyone has to deal with the inevitable signs of aging, yet the quest to keep a youthful look doesn’t have to be a hopeless one. Your health and looks are more often than not connected, so it’s important follow the most basic rules for a healthy lifestyle and you will need to worry a bit less about signs of aging going forward.

For a start, nutrition is key to a longer life, and a few wise choices will go a long way in helping you avoid going under the knife to look younger. According to many scientific sources, antioxidants are your best allies to fight the aging process, and you will find a great variety of them in fruit and vegetables.


The humble tomato contains lycopene, which is linked to cancer prevention and can combat damaged cells called free radicals, which can lead to very dangerous consequences in various parts of your body, skin being one of them.

Speaking of red veggies, red peppers contain 60% more vitamin C than green ones, so bear this in mind next time you hit the fruit and veg aisle.

If you’d like to go for a more tropical flavour, avocados are among the most celebrated fruits for a number of reasons. They contain beta-sitosterol, a substance that helps you keep low volumes of cholesterol in your blood and overall keep low fat levels in your body. Staying lean is indeed crucial to avoid fat deposits, which eventually weaken and loosen skin tissue as you age.

For as much as it is important to follow a healthy diet to keep a fresh-looking face, you should also pay attention to a number of factors involving your lifestyle.


Being active and outdoorsy is certainly good for your blood pressure and muscles, but overexposure to sun rays can be damaging for your skin, especially over the summer. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid direct exposure to the sun over the central hours of the day, and make sure you are well hydrated when temperatures start to rise.

Hydration is another key factor for your skin, and something as simple as drinking water repeatedly during the day can go a long way in keeping your skin soft and elastic through time. The recommended water intake is 8 glasses per day, so if you had been below this limit for a long period you should start noticing a more hydrated skin within the first few weeks of adapting to this healthy habit.

Finally, you should remember that regardless of all the attention you pay to your lifestyle and nutrition, aging signs are a natural thing and will show up sooner or later. If you really can’t stand their sight, it is now quite easy to hide them: many botox clinics offer affordable and risk-free solutions for all needs.

So instead of standing the sight of crow’s feet and facial lines for much longer, you might want to consider the odd injection. Just don’t forget that a healthy diet and lifestyle will help you keep the surgeries – and money – you need to look younger to a minimum.