Beauty tips to get summer ready

With Summer currently kicking off in a big way in the UK (have you looking outside recently?), you’re probably starting to think about how this incredible weather could affect your beauty regime. However, whilst the hot weather and the blistering sunshine might indeed change the way you approach your regular routines, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself looking beautiful this Summer without breaking too far out of your comfort zone.


The combination of sun, sea and sand will leave your hair feeling brittle and frayed if you don’t take proper care of it. That’s why it’s important to keep your hair hydrated with oils and shampoos that help your hair retain its natural bounce and texture. We would also always recommend a fresh haircut for the start of the season, as shorter styles will not only be easier to maintain but will make you feel that much lighter and fresher. Protective hair masks are also to help maintain and extend your natural colour.


A common tactic for those wishing to look their best in the Summer without suffering the dreaded burn is to use SPF foundation that sneakily combines foundation and sunscreen into one handy product. This is a great idea as it will save you both time and money. To complement this foundation, however, we also recommend investing in a bronze-tinted moisturiser that will accentuate your tan whilst keeping your skin soft and supple. Don’t go overboard, however, as your skin needs less moisture when it’s warm and sunny.

Exfoliation is also important; steer clear of scrubbing grains and more abrasive solutions that can lead to inflammation and dry skin and instead opt for natural alternatives. Finally, Summer trips to the beach mean more skin on display and that means more pressure when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. Stick to a high-quality razor with at least 5 blades to reduce cuts and potential irritation.


Whilst you might be looking like a goddess everywhere else, if the sunshine stops the moment you open your mouth then you might want to consider giving your smile a Summer makeover too. Teeth whitening (or bleaching) has become an increasingly common practice, but if you want results fast (in time for your Summer holiday, for example) then you might want to opt for a crown or clip-on veneers. Typically, veneers cost less than crowns as they only cover the front of the tooth, so are perhaps the better option for a quick seasonal fix.

More top tips

  • As you’ll be sweating more, stick to eyebrow products that are smudge-free and provide long-lasting colour.
  • Powder sunscreen is a surprisingly effective alternative to SPF foundation.
  • UV rays will damage all hair but will be particularly brutal to hair that has been dyed. Avoid hair damage by using products designed to protect your hair from the sun.
  • Use a decent barrier or fixing spray to keep your makeup in check even when you’re sweating like a champion!