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Can’t Part with Your Bicycle? Here’s How to Do Fitness with It

Cycling is a healthy activity that is also fun at the same time. If you use your bicycle more often, it leads to weight loss and a healthier disposition. In order to maximize your bicycle, you simply need determination in using it to your advantage and time to burn enough calories.

The good thing about using the bicycle is that you don’t just allow yourself to be more physically active. You also see beautiful sceneries outdoors, enjoy great weather and appreciate nature even more. Therefore, instead of just letting your bicycle collect dust in your garage, you need to find a way to use it.

You may also enjoy the same benefits in using an actual bicycle by using a stationary bicycle at the gym. The point is that you use your strength to move the pedal. The only difference is that you don’t see the beautiful outdoors. The main advantage is you can safely do it even at night.

Try the HIIT sprint

This strategy is perfect for those who are using stationary bicycles. By combining HIIT with cycling, you can achieve better results at a faster time. The process is way more intense than what you normally do. Several studies have shown that this is effective in losing weight quickly.

Since this is a sprint, you can spend 30 minutes where you just put all your energy in pedaling until your body can’t hold it any longer. Of course, there are periods of rest in between, but for most of the 30 minutes, your body’s strength will be tested to its limit.


Plan your schedule ahead of time

There are a lot of creative ways to use your bicycle in losing weight. You need a clear plan to create a schedule ahead of time. If you think you can’t allot time to go out and use the bicycle during weekdays, why not ditch the car and use the bicycle to work instead? As long as you can plan your schedule to reach the office on time and there are safe bike lanes for you to use, it’s worth the try. A few minutes of biking to and from work would be of help in burning calories.

This might not be enough especially if it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach your workplace. You can clear your weekend so that you can have the entire morning or afternoon just for biking. There are certain areas that are perfect for bikers. You can bike along the main road or you can take the off roads for a bigger challenge. It also helps that you have biking buddies with you to make everything more enjoyable.

Plan a route where you can integrate different zones

To maximize the use of your bicycle in losing weight, you must pedal with different intensity. Take your map out and create different zones. If you are in zone 1, you are at the easy stage. The typical speed is just 8-12 mph. Your pedaling is effortless and your breathing is steady. This is a stage to prepare you for more challenging zones. Once you hit zone 2, the speed increases to 12-16 mph. This moderate zone allows you to put more tension on your legs while pedaling but still manageable. You can even carry small talks with friends at this zone.

If you can still push yourself to the limit, go for zone 3 where the speed increases to 16-20 mph. Your legs and lungs are both near their maximum capacity. You just have to keep pedaling. Those who are used to outdoor cycling can go for the last zone, which is the maximum zone. At this stage, you are running at over 20 mph. The legs are at full tilt and you are on full throttle. Make sure that you only spend little time on this zone. The varied speed and intensity level will help burn calories even better.

Now that you understand how cycling can help you achieve your fitness goals and enjoy at the same time, you have to start exercising.