Could Using Your Garden More Benefit Your Health and Wellbeing?

How often do you spend time out in your garden? Either gardening, relaxing or playing with the kids? Now so many of us are spending more and more time online, surfing the internet, scrolling through social media feeds or streaming television and movies, our gardens are growing neglected. We spend less time outdoors generally and hugely under-utilise our outdoor spaces. Well, this could be a mistake. Spending more time in your garden could see you lead a longer, healthier and indeed happier, life.

Image Credit – Pixabay


You’ll Get More Exercise
Gardening is surprisingly good exercise. If you’ve ever spent a day outdoors, planting, digging or painting your fences, you’ll remember how much you ached the day after. But, it’s not just gardening. Just being outside can make you more likely to go for a walk around and get moving.


You’ll Be More Creative
Many painters and musicians take inspiration from nature. Being out in your garden, surrounded by colours and aromas can help you to feel more creative and inspired. Why not have a go at painting, or even just spend some time sat outside with an adult colouring book on some comfy Lavita outdoor furniture? This can help you to feel happier and less stressed out.


You’ll Get More Fresh Air
Fresh air is good for you. There’s no doubt about that. Breathing in the fresh air can help flush any toxins out of your body and clear your airways. This is especially useful in the colder months when our homes can quickly become damp and musty.


You’ll Feel Less Stress
Life today is stressful. Were generally busier and more stressed out than previous generations. Getting out into your garden helps you to leave it all behind. Escape from the phone and your emails and take a few deep breaths. Enjoy simply being.


You’ll Sleep Better
Sleep is your body and minds chance to recover from the day. Failure to get enough sleep can mean you’re prone to picking up illnesses, more likely to feel stressed or even get depressed, at higher risk of being overweight, have a poorer skin tone and generally feel less happiness. Spending time in your garden, either exercising or relaxing can mean that you go to bed less worried or anxious, you don’t spend time lying awake thinking about your problems, and you get a much better night’s sleep.


Your Diet Will Improve

Image Credit – Pixabay


Have you ever noticed that when you are outside enjoying the sun, you eat better? When you’re stuck in, you crave fatty comfort foods, packed with carbs. But, when you are active, and outdoors you enjoy eating salads and snacking on fruit.


You could take this further by using your garden to grow your own produce. You’ll eat a healthier diet, save money and get a fantastic sense of satisfaction from knowing you are making something.


All of these things could improve your quality of life massively, and if you really want it to, your Wi-Fi signal can easily reach your garden.