Easing Winter Aches and Pains

Many of us struggle with aches and pains in the winter as the cold, damp air gets into our bodies and makes it harder to do anything. This is especially true as we get older and our joints begin to weaken. You may find that you ache as soon as you get out of bed in the morning and that your knees and hips continue to ache for the rest of the day. For some, even sitting still is uncomfortable.

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On top of regular aches and pains, one in five adults has arthritis, the symptoms of which can seem much worse in the cold weather. While your doctor can prescribe pills for the pain, there is also a lot that you can do to help yourself. Here’s a look at some great ways to ease your winter aches.

The worst thing that you can do is sit still and not move. While moving may be painful, staying still for too long can leave you stiff and swollen. Try to do some low impact activities such as walking, yoga and swimming at least three times a week to strengthen your joints and increase flexibility.

Many foods claim to help your body in a variety of different ways. Turmeric is one of those that actually seems to work. Taking extra strength turmeric supplements can support and strengthen your whole body while also reducing any inflammation around your joints.

Magnetic Therapy
Many people believe that magnets can help to reduce pain. Wearing a magnetic bracelet could increase blood flow and oxygen to painful areas, helping to reduce symptoms.

A Warm Bath
When you are in constant pain, it can be difficult to relax. Being uncomfortable can leave you feeling agitated and upset. A long, hot bath can ease the pressure on your body and soothe your mind. It’ll also help to warm your body up, making it easier to rest or sleep. Fill your bath with soothing essential oils for the best effect.

Drinking water can help with all of your bodies functions. We are made of huge amounts of water, which we lose throughout the day. Drinking more helps you to stay hydrated. This can help to keep the cartilage around your joints soft and hydrated as well as keeping your blood pressure regulated and maintaining good blood volume. This means your joints get all the blood they need to stay comfortable.


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Massage around painful areas can reduce tension, relax your muscles, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. If you find your aches make it hard to sleep, have a warm bath and then massage any painful areas before you get into bed.

While aches and pains are only normal in the colder weather, you don’t have to put up with them. There is plenty that you can do to help yourself. However, if your pain is severe or you think there may be an underlying condition, visit your doctor for a complete check-up.