Getting fit for a local running event

A local running event is a fantastic way to support a good cause or to get fit but you need to approach the event seriously.

First, there are many health advantages to running, and you’ll find that many people are advised or recommended to take up jogging or running. It is important to properly warm up and ensure that you are fit enough to undertake this level of activity, but taking up a running activity is one of the best ways to get more out of life and improve your fitness.

The most obvious benefits from running include:

  • Improvement to your health
  • Lose weight and feel fitter
  • Develop your confidence
  • Reduce stress levels and lower your risk of depression

These benefits will often be all the incentive some people need to take part in a local running event, but when you are running for a cause there are other ways you can benefit. Some of the advantages of taking part in a local running event include:

  • Making new friends
  • You can receive expert advice from experienced runners
  • Many people run for charity or to raise awareness of a good cause – you will feel as though you are making a difference.

The reason for taking part in a local running event isn’t just about you; it can be about helping the local community or raising funds for a worthwhile charity. Whether you are being sponsored to complete the run or you can engage people with something you believe in, you should find that taking part in a local running event offers so many benefits beyond what running by yourself provides.


Get involved with a local running event

The emergence of social media platforms has made it easier than ever before to find worthwhile events and groups in a particular area. You should find that typing your local area name and adding “running” or “run” or “fitness” will provide you with a good starting point in finding out more about local running events or groups.

Even if you come across other local runners online, you’ll find that they are more likely to know about any upcoming events, so ask them if they are aware of any event in the area.

Aside from checking social media, you should look at local media, such as newspapers, radio stations, online platforms and even TV shows. If your local area still has a public noticeboard, or local groups post flyers or notices in shops or in local authority buildings, remember to look there.

Running events are open to a wide range of people

One of the best things about running events is that they are usually open to a wide range of people. If you are experienced, fit and active, you can look to lead from the front of the race and perhaps focus on finishing in a fantastic time. If you are less experienced, inactive or not at a peak age, there will still likely be running events available to you. Many events place an emphasis on people having a fun time while getting fitter. Completing the race is more important than the finishing time and there is a great sense of achievement for many people in undertaking a race event.

Some race and running events to look out for include:

  • 1km walking and jogging events
  • 3km or 5km runs
  • Muddy obstacle race events
  • 10km race
  • Half marathon
  • Marathon
  • Iron man or specialist events

You need to be honest about your fitness and you need to work towards developing greater fitness for the race. Preparation is vital in the build-up to a race. It can be helpful to determine your current level of fitness and then devise a plan that will see you work towards improving your health, fitness and stamina in the weeks leading up to the event. Your initial fitness level and the length of time before the race will affect what you need to do, but there will be plenty of support on offer.


Approaching the race

How you approach the race is crucial. Eating the right foods is vital, stretching and warming up properly is essential and even the right clothing and equipment can help you feel confident. You should look to build up your activity or your runs week-by-week, culminating in the big race.

Racers looking for advice on what to eat, how to warm up, what to wear or how to focus on the big race will find Tommie Copper’s Facebook feed to be of benefit when it comes to pertinent information. The Tommie Copper site provides plenty of great insight for any budding racer.

Taking part in a local running event can make you happier, fitter and give you a great sense of achievement. If you approach the event with the right attitude, it is likely that you will immensely enjoy the process.