Give the Love Your Eyes Deserve with These Computer Eyeglasses

Here is an eye-opening fact: Approximately half of the human brain is being used for vision and seeing.

Amidst the workload and your busy lifestyle, we understand that it is possible to fall prey to the harmful effects of digital eye strain that causes dryness, itchiness, and blur vision. There are many ways to protect your eyes, but if you are a working professional who spends approximately half of your day in front of the laptop, you must use computer eyeglasses. Computer glasses are dedicated to protecting your eyes from the side effects of the long screen time that you cannot avoid. You need to give the love your eyes deserve with these Computer Eyeglasses.

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Considering the facts, eyes are technically half your body; you need to be very careful and conscious about them. Thus, use computer glasses to: 

– Block the blue light

– Provide the appropriate distance between the eyes and the screen

– Protect from computer vision syndrome (an umbrella term for conditions that result from using computer screens like dryness, itchiness, etc.)

An average Indian spends a major chunk of their time daily on screens. Be it their smartphones, TV, or laptops, yet only a handful of them use computer eyeglasses while doing so. Do not overlook your eye’s health and consider some of the best computer eyeglasses available in the market: 

Protect your Eyes with the Classic Cat Eye!

For the ladies who never compromise with their career and definitely not with their style!

These Blue Rimmed Cateye computer glasses will give your eyes maximum comfort in the most stylish way possible. Let your eyes do the talking! A perfect pick for a professional as well as casual setting, your eyes new best friend is here!

Save them in Style!

Add sharpness to your everyday look with Fastrack’s rectangle-rimmed glasses. Sleek, subtle with a fine matt finish that lets you move and groove in style!

Proven to be highly comfortable, these glasses are made of a sturdy metal body that protects your eyes in the most fashionable way possible. Thus, continue to work in style and save your eyes from the adverse effects of extended screen time.

A Little Extra for The Little One

Give those little eyes some rest and protect them from the unwanted reflections that can downgrade their vision in the long run. Provide extra care to those extra special little eyes that see the biggest dreams!

Protection and Perfection!

Fun, lightweight and colourful!

Protect your little one’s eyes perfectly. To ensure the safety of their eyes, explore the wide collection of computer eyeglasses in reputed retail stores and get one for your little one’s maximum comfort! Choose these sturdy frames in subtle colours that are made with safe material for healthier eyes and vision.

It is very important to understand how much you need to use and protect your eyes. If your eyes feel dry or itchy after a long day at work, then you seriously need to reconsider your eye care regime, and in case you do not have one yet, hurry up and create one for yourself now!

Your eyes need more attention than you think they do. It is observed that when working on screens for longer hours, you tend to blink less compared to the usual blinking, and that is one of the main reasons that cause stress on your eyes. 

Along with using computer eyeglasses from a reputed and trusted retailer like Titan Eyeplus that offers eyewear from brands like Ray-Ban, Fastrack, and Titan to protect your eyes from blue light and harmful UV rays, they also provide you with the best quality eyewear straight to your doorstep, explore their virtual try-on feature that lets you find your perfect fit. Meanwhile, blink more while working on the screen and keep taking short 10-15 minutes breaks after every 45 minutes of continuous working.

Don’t forget to stay safe and spectacular

Happy working!