Great Ways for MBA Students to Avoid Colds This Winter

An MBA degree can open many doors, and give you a fantastic head start on many different career paths. It’s a challenging, and yet ultimately rewarding course. Winter can be a tough time for us all. Coughs, colds, the flu and other bugs are all over, being passed from person to person indiscriminately. This is made worse for students who are also facing the stresses of exams and deadlines.

There are some great career advancements with an MBA from The University of Maryland. Some of the top careers for MBA grads include marketing and business management, so your future could be very bright. Just don’t let illness get in your way – follow these great tips to keep yourself fit and healthy all year around.


Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands seems like such a small thing. Most of us do it automatically after using the toilet, or before cooking and eating. However, it is your first line of defense when it comes to avoiding germs. Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly throughout the day, and certainly after they come into contact with another person, perhaps through handshaking. Also, try to avoid touching your eyes and nose, as these are easy places for germs to enter your body. Invest in an antibacterial hand gel for when you are out and about.

Avoid Those That Are Ill

While this isn’t always possible, try to avoid sick people wherever you can. This might mean not visiting a sick friend for a few days, but they will understand.


Sleep gives your body a chance to recover from the day. Your immune system works hard, and needs this time to recharge itself, so it can keep working at 100%. If you can’t sleep, make sure you get plenty of rest. If you do start to feel ill, rest is even more important. Let yourself have a few days off, to avoid spreading your illness, and to give your body its best chance to recover.



Eating a healthy, balanced diet is a great way to ensure you stay fighting fit. Include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, which are full of bug fighting and immune boosting vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes are incredibly high in vitamin C, so try and incorporate them into your meals. As well as eating well, make sure you are drinking a lot of water. Eight glasses a day is the recommended amount to keep your body hydrated and functioning at its best, but if you are feeling unwell and not eating much, try to drink even more.


When it’s cold outside, and you’ve got a lot of work to do, exercise might be the last thing you feel like doing. But, it is a great way to enhance your immune system. Wrap up warm and go for a nice walk. Or, alternately, try some online videos for a great home workout.

Winter often brings a growing workload, which means you don’t have the time to be slowed down by illness. Follow the tips above and you’ll do just fine.