How to Enjoy Spring & Summer Allergy Fr


We all love the warmer months and whilst we may enjoy the trees and plants in full blossom they can unfortunately play havoc with us at this time of the year. These beautiful plants may look gorgeous but the pollen that they give off releases histamine in the human body which is the cause of all those runny noses, itchy eyes and sneezing. So for anyone that suffers from these symptoms read on for our top tips on fighting these annoying spring, summer allergies.


See an Allergist


If you have been suffering from hay fever type allergies for some time now, the best place to start is by going to see an allergist. An allergist will be able to do a series of quick tests to determine exactly what it is that you are allergic to, so that you fully understand what you are fighting and therefore exactly how to combat it.


Allergists will be able to recommend medication, commonly used remedies and other home remedies that perhaps you have never heard of. Therefore anyone suffering from allergies should definitely start by looking into making an appointment with a specialist to determine the specific allergy and the top natural remedies and medications, like antihistamines, available to combat them.


Keep Windows Closed


It makes sense that keeping windows closed in your home, goes some way in keeping your hayfever symptoms down to a minimum when you are home. Keeping your windows closed means that you are minimising the amount of pollen that gets carried into your home, so instead you are best off turning to air conditioning on the particularly hot days. Try to avoid fans also as they really stir the dust up in your home which can flare up symptoms of hayfever.


Use An Air Filter


Using an air filter is a really good way to keep the air in your home as clean and as pure as possible. Obviously this is not going to be possible in your place of work, so make the most of the time that you are at home by using an effective air filter to keep the air in your home pure and clean which is particularly important in your bedroom. Make sure you are also regularly cleaning the vents in your air conditioning machine to prevent your system from churning out dust and bothersome particles into the air.


Avoid Woodlands & Too Much Nature


We know this is a toughie for anyone who loves being out in the great outdoors. However it is a sad fact that wooded areas and gardens can really exacerbate hayfever symptoms so try to avoid nature as much as possible to keep your symptoms to a minimum.




Dehumidifiers are excellent in the fight again mould around the home which is really important for allergy sufferers. So make sure you are using a good dehumidifier in the warmer months to keep the air in your home nice and dry and to prevent mould from forming in common areas such as basements.