How To Get Rid Of Nose Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs spring up after hair has already been removed from the skin either through shaving, waxing, or even tweezing. Most of the people who tend to develop ingrown hairs are those with curly hairs since they tend to grow back towards their skin. Ingrown hairs develop on most men’s neck and legs whereas it also grew on the public area for the women. In addition to this, other people still develop these type of hairs in their noses. 

How It Feels Having Ingrown Hairs

Nose hairs are generally removed through tweezing and they can, as a result, leave hairs behind. Consequently, these hairs grow inside the skin thus leading to ingrown hairs. These hairs are pretty painful since they feel like red pimples inside the nose. Other symptoms are irritating to the skin, itching, and pain in the nose.

In many instances, the ingrown hairs go away after some time. However, other instances may lead to one seeking a doctor’s appointment since it might turn out to be a chronic problem.

However, there is a need not to pop or pick them. This is because your nose contains a bacteria known as Staphylococcus species which might eventually lead to an infection if your nose is scratched or popped. So how should you exactly get rid of ingrown hairs inside your nose?


  • Leave your ingrown hair alone 


If you have these hairs in your nose, leave them alone and let them heal on their own. The moment you scratch them, it will get more inflamed. For this reason, it is recommended that you let healing in the natural process. 

In case your ingrown hairs are extremely painful, you should use other methods that are less problematic such as anti-bacterial ointments or hot compresses. 


  • Hot compresses


Warm or hot compresses can get rid of your ingrown hairs since they kill bacteria that is found inside your nose. This eases the pain and thus giving it time to heal eventually. Here is how to apply a hot water compress;

Heat enough water to a temperature that will not burn your skin. Dip your cloth and press it on the affected area. Repeat this process twice or thrice per day.

Secondly, you can insert a warm cloth inside your nose where ingrown hairs are stubborn. If they are deep, insert a swab as long as the ingrown hairs are not found deep in the nasal cavity. Do this for a few minutes for about thrice a day.

Apply circular and gentle rubs either inside or outside the nose. Although this might produce some blood, it will eventually ease the pain and release the ingrown hairs.


  • Use a sterilized needle


If the ingrown hairs are giving you sleepless nights, it would be advisable that you use a sterile needle to help remove the hair tip from the skin. The needle can also help you in getting rid of dead skin that may be inside your nose. However, this method is only recommendable if you can see hair. To make the process less painful, use the sterilized needle on warm and moist skin. 


  • Use antibiotic ointment


Smearing antibiotic ointment inside your skin will prevent the area from getting infected. In addition to this, it also helps in reducing the swelling and pain caused by the ingrown hairs in your nose. You will find most of these oil ointments or drugs at the grocery stores or in online retail shops. 


  • Avoid shaving or tweezing until you heal


Once you realize that you have ingrown hairs, remember not to tweeze or shave until you have healed completely. This is to avoid subjecting your noise to more pain and inflammation. Leave the area alone for a while.

Ingrown hairs are quite painful and they need extra care if you want them to heal. There are various ways to get rid of them such as avoiding shaving and tweezing after they develop, using hot compressors, oil ointments, using sterilized needles, and leaving them alone, among others. You should also ensure that you use quality hair clippers from to remove in grown hair.