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How UAB Kilo Grupe is Changing the Outlook on Digital Health

UAB Kilo Grupe, a front-runner in all things digital health and wellness, has just about completed its first decade in the industry. In that time, it has established itself as a leader in innovative and beneficial digital health apps. With hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, UAB Kilo Grupe has changed the outlook for digital health in the past decade, and they’re just getting better.

Who are UAB Kilo Grupe?

A digital health and wellness company, Kilo Grupe was launched back in 2013. Back then, they only had one product on the market and operated out of a tiny office. A decade later, the company has 15 in-house products on the market (with many more on the way), a co-found scheme, and offices in many major European cities.


Their main output is digital health apps, but they also create supplements and other health products to keep their users in good health and educate people about the importance of wellness. Since the beginning, the company has worked with experts in nutrition, exercise, and overall health as well as real people who will be using their products.

What Kind of Apps Do They Create?

With both in-house apps and apps created through their partnership scheme, the Kilo Grupe catalog is extensive and covers an array of uses.

In their in-house catalog, Kilo Grupe has apps covering chronic conditions, like diabetes, apps that monitor, regulate and help maintain heart problems, an app designed to help users lose weight through regular jogging, and diet-focused apps, like DoFasting and Keto Cycle.

All the apps designed, co-founded, and funded by Kilo Grupe are created using established research and with preventative measures in mind. Kilo Grupe wants its users to live their healthiest and happiest lives, so they have created an array of apps to make this happen.

The Future of Digital Health and Wellness

A study recently published in the scientific journal Nature suggested that reliance on digital health apps has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic, with more people looking for ways to manage their health that did not require face-to-face interaction. 

Research funded by Projekt Deal and appearing in Springer Nature concurs that the use of digital health apps has increased and it empowers users and encourages patient maintenance and compliance in the treatment of a range of chronic illnesses.

However, with new innovations always come limitations, and digital health and wellness apps are no different. Limitations with digital health apps include the inclusion of expert data in the creation of the apps and the effectiveness of such tools, which is yet to be formally consolidated.

However, in the case of Kilo Grupe, all health apps created by the company are made with input from a whole host of experts. These medical practitioners, nutritionists, personal trainers, and more all use their professional knowledge to inform the creation of the app, ensuring that users get the absolute best out of them.

Kilo Grupe is ahead of the game in the digital health and wellness space, creating expert-informed apps that offer users new ways of managing their conditions, preventing illness, and boosting their health. 

They have created a range of apps that are relied on worldwide and have become a household name for health apps that actually work.