The true essence of yoga

If you are much curious about your physical and mental health then what are you waiting for?

A Sanskrit word ‘YOGA’ which means ‘to bring together, join or unite’ will serve you with unlimited and pragmatic benefits. The aim of yoga is to keep a balance between individual’s mind, soul, body and consciousness. The quintessence of yoga is to rise the life force or KUNDALINI at the spine’s base. This can be accomplished through various yoga exercises that are designed to improve your health, overcome pains and aches and keeping diseases at your arm’s length. Yoga basically is not an exercise it is a therapy to keep the depression at a bay. Many other exercises like aerobics helps you in strengthening the body not in developing spiritual satisfaction. Yoga brings all your mental and physical disciplines together to attain self-fulfillment, harmony, vigorous and peace with their selves and with the milieu. There are tremendous benefits that can be experienced through yoga.

Improves the blood flow

Circulation of blood throughout the body is very essential. To keep all the body parts active it is crucial that the flow of your blood must be appropriate. As our body is composed of tiny cells, oxygen is needed for their effective working. Many yoga postures like twisting, handstand, shoulder stand allows the blood from your pelvis and legs to move back to the heart.

Increases flexibility

It is always be a question mark that how Chinese and Japanese are so flexible. The reason is that they are passionate practitioner of yoga. Flexibility is the chief advantage that you will experience while exercising yoga. Bound Angle pose, Big Toe pose, cow face pose will stretches your inner thighs, stimulates ovaries, prostate glands, heart and will helps you in strengthening your hip muscles in an effective way.

Betterment in respiratory system

The breathing exercise called PRANAYAMA is considered as the most effective for the respiratory system. This helps in lowering our respiratory rate which activates the nervous system of para sympatric and stress is reduced. This results in better sleep and soul calmness. Moreover, the alveoli in the lungs opens and the supply of oxygen gets better and the breathing tube is cleaned up from impurities. Cobra pose, cat pose and extended puppy pose are the important breathing exercises.

Prevent from severe diseases

Diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, depression, back pain and heart attacks can be controlled through intriguing yoga exercises. Savasana or corpse pose is a best and simple exercise to drop your blood pressure. Seated forward bend pose helps in flatten your stomach. Android has launched many apps like MyFitnessPal to track your calories similar to the spy apps  (helps in tracking targeted people). These apps will notify you with the best leading exercises to keep yourself fit.

Protects your joints and spine

In our daily life, all joints of our body do not work at their full potential, due to which many joints become the victim of breakage and mitigate disability. In our spinal cord there are several discs that absorbs the shocks. These discs are very sensitive. Healthy yoga poses like forward bends, backward bends and twists will prevent it from severe damages.