The Ultimate Weight Loss Diet

Because every person is different, every person’s metabolism is different too. A diet that works for one person need not work for another. So the term ‘ultimate weight loss diet,’ can never mean one single diet. Here are some of the best diets around right now.

  1. The Military Diet

This is one of the better diet plans out there according to the Military Diet reviews. The 3 day diet plan as it’s also known as is a good choice if you want to lose weight quickly. Cut calories way down than regular and stick to regular meals with healthy components. These include dry toasts, tuna, black coffee, cottage cheese, banana, vanilla ice cream, egg, peanut butter, and many other items. While there’s nothing easy about this diet, it is simple because it involves inexpensive, easily available food stuff. The diet claims to cause a weight loss of up to 10 pounds in the first three days itself. Go for it if you’re in a hurry to lose weight.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Boost energy, lose weight and improve your health all at once with the intermittent fasting diet. This diet focusses on your eating and fasting routine, asking for a change in it to see weight loss. So it’s not about what you can and what you can’t eat. It’s about how you choose to eat it. A typical day comprises fasting for 16 hours a day and eating your meals in the remaining 8 hours. You could even fast for 24 hours, if that works for you. Twice or three times a week will show results.

  1. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is one with the big endorsements by stars and celebrities, no less. Every time you eat something, you calculate the points of each. Fruits and vegetables are fine and you can eat as much as you want. But everything else has points; calories, proteins, and fat, all have points. A few simple calculations will tell you all you need to know. This information will help you understand what you need and don’t need to do. Weight Watchers have meetings that act as great support systems. The success of this diet lies in the deep sense of personal responsibility each dieter has. This acts as a great incentive to lose weight. Pop singer Jessica Simpson has credited Weight Watchers with her weight loss, as have Alec Baldwin and multi award winner Jennifer Hudson.

  1. Paleo Diet

Why not try a diet that harks back to our ancestors? Fill your food bowl with good oils like olive and coconut, and eat your way through fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, nuts and eggs. Since potatoes, dairy, legumes and grain were not available then, you should stay far away from those. Like the military diet, this one comes with restrictions too and there’s an emphasis on high fat. There’s weight loss to be had in this but there are also tests that need to be done before going on this diet. The success stories are very tempting and speak volumes of the efficacy of the diet.

  1. Chew 40 times

There are so many videos doing the rounds about how chewing your food a sufficient number of times is a great diet plan. The number varies from 32 to 40 times but the idea is mindful eating. Stay in the moment, eat slowly, chew deliberately and your brain and body will do the rest. The body signals that it is full in about 10-15 minutes of eating. This cuts down your food intake drastically but doesn’t leave you feeling deprived or hungry. People claim to have lost up to 5 kilos in a week with this diet- drink your food, chew your water is the motto of this diet.

  1. Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem also has its celebrity endorsements. High fiber, low fat, high protein is the name of this diet. You need to do the work here- think about your diet plan, the menu to go with it, place your order and pay the monthly fee. In about seven to ten days your diet food is sent to you and you stick to the specific diet to lose weight. Balanced, small meals, an emphasis on fresh food and healthy snacks, excellent nutrition and a good portion size- Nutrisystem is a smart, well thought out diet plan.

Apart from these, you can also consider the Atkins Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and South Beach, among many other diets. Choose one that works for you. Do remember to get your doctor’s approval and permission before you embark on any diet. Also make sure that you couple any diet with exercise for healthy weight loss.