What Extra Qualifications Can Do For Your Career As Nurse

The pathway of nursing is incredibly fulfilling as you can gain knowledge in multiple disciplines and immediately apply your knowledge to patients who value your care. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with staying as a registered nurse, but if you want more responsibility and a chance to make a greater impact in the lives of people in need, extra qualifications are the most viable route. With a larger set of skills, you can specialize in multiple fields where you have a choice to specifically work with children, focus on families, individuals, the elderly or communities with disabilities. The academic route is a source for many who wish to rank up in the place of work, however for some, learning on the job is a quicker and more money-efficient scheme to gaining more experience and taking on additional responsibilities. Both are superb avenues, but deciding which one is best for you, is the real question.

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Professional nanny


The professional maternity nanny is a very niche course, but incredibly rewarding both personally and lifestyle wise. A diploma in the capacity to judge the safety requirements, learning, dietary and emotional needs of children is truly a skill in short supply; hence, the pay is very good. You have a certain level of autonomy to work with children and make their lives fun with enjoyable activities, teaching them via bespoke tutoring classes, and opportunities to help them grow emotionally.


Supervisory role in hospitals

What better way to climb up the ladder in nursing, than learning how to manage multiple patients and staff. A registered nurse is on the frontline of social and health care and does the majority of caring for sick and injured patients. However, a 100% Online RN to BSN Program, allows you to alter and improve the care patients get by being directly involved in the process of administration. Working with doctors, directors, and surgeons, you take on more of a supervisory role to the other nurses who will contact you directly with updates, any issues, and suggestions on how something can be improved. A BSN course saves time and money by making your primary associate’s degree classes work to cover the core curriculum and elective requirements to advance up the ranks to a superior role.

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Dermatology in children


Children’s immune systems are still developing and thus a certain finesse is required to keep constant watch out for outbursts when looking after them. Many newborns have incredibly sensitive skin and are open to the possibility of getting a recurrent skin infection. Poorer children are also more susceptible to rashes and more likely to be submitted to hospital for rashes and advanced dermatitis. Skin conditions that are atopic are more treatable than genetic disorders that disrupt DNA substantially. You can advance your profession as a nurse, by taking a short course in skin behavior and reaction. As a dermatology nurse, you’ll have the ability to safely diagnose the most common skin conditions, safely interact with children who are suffering from them and initiate therapy to alleviate their pain. You can also prescribe common medications under the current prescription system in health care law. This means you can directly affect the lives of patients and possess the ability to recognize the condition, treat and report all by yourself without the need for a doctor consultation.