Where you Sleep will Change how you Sleep

Whether you always remember your dreams, or you’re the type who “doesn’t really dream at all” (meaning you just don’t remember them), there’s little doubt that dream interpretation is a very interesting subject

I personally will often have a dream that I’m falling, and I’ve actually woken up gasping for air, as I’ve felt like I was about to hit the ground. There are many myths surrounding this type of dream (like the popular idea that if you hit the ground in your dream you’ll die in real life), however, some people who study dreams consider it to be a red flag from our subconscious. Often, you’ll have this dream if you’re having problems with relationships, work, kids, or somewhere else within your life.

I’ve also dreamt that my teeth were falling out, and this was not a fun dream at all. It was so realistic that I woke up and felt my teeth, to check they were still there, and felt unsettled for the rest of the day.  Many experts disagree about what this dream means, with some believing that teeth are a symbol of confidence and power, and something has happened in our lives that has caused us to believe in ourselves less. While others believe that for many women, it’s a sign that they wish to fall pregnant, which definitely wasn’t the case for me!


Have you ever noticed that you’ll dream in certain situations but not others? I find that if I’m short on sleep and feeling very tired, I’m more likely to remember my dreams the next day.

There are actually many different stages of sleep, and the kind of sleep you get has a huge impact on how much time you spend dreaming. Since dreaming occurs when you’re in a deep sleep, we usually need to be comfortable enough to actually get into this level of sleep (and not continually waking up) in order to achieve REM sleep, which is when dreams actually take place.

I’m one of those people who can’t sleep on trains, planes, buses or anywhere else that isn’t a bed. If I sleep on a couch, I’ll be grumpy the next day, and there’s no way I could ever sleep on a recliner chair since I need a lot of room and I like to sleep on my stomach.

Some people can get comfortable anywhere, but in order to feel rested and have a good sleep, it’s crucial that you’re sleeping somewhere that’s supportive and allows you to gently drift off.

The sleep experts at Adjustamatic (who make adjustable beds) have recently teamed up with oneiric Ian Wallace to assess dreams in a series of YouTube videos. Adjustable beds are a good way to ensure you’re getting good quality sleep. Whether you like a hard or soft bed, reclined or lying completely down. Once you’ve found the perfect position for sleeping, you’ll find that you’ll probably remember your dreams more, and can spend time analysing them to see what your subconscious is telling you!

The first video in their series focusses on the wonderful world of children’s dreams and you can catch it on their official YouTube channel here.