Why Laser Eye Surgery Costs So Much?

We’ve often heard the saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” And it really is true, the eyes can show whether you’re lying or telling the truth, your feelings and even if you’re on drugs. Just kidding! It is such an important part of a person’s life. Imagine how difficult it is to be blind, just by closing your eyes for a few seconds and trying to find your phone or your wallet. Even having blurred vision can be a burden for many people and that is why many of them many of them opt for laser eye surgery at www.optilase.co.uk. But be warned: laser eye surgery can cost so much.

Laser surgery corrects the shape of the cornea for people who have vision problems. Excimer is the laser used and it has two types which are: Photo-Refractive Keratectomy (PRK), and Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK). PRK was first done during the 1980s and when you recover, there will be no flap in your cornea. The downside is that you will the recovery period is longer though. Whereas LASIK is a newer procedure but it creates a flap in your cornea. The upside is that the recovery period is very short. LASIK has several subtypes which are: Wavefront LASIK, Epi-LASIK and Bladeless LASIK.


Now, let’s dig deeper as to why laser surgery of the eye is expensive. Clinics or even doctors will have an average price for any type of laser eye surgery but it still varies from one patient to another. One reason for that is because of the technology chosen to be used. So for instance, on average, PRK can cost about $1,800 while LASIK can cost about $2,100. If you choose the newer technologies under LASIK, the cost will be higher.

For example, Wavefront LASIK creates a customised map of the eye including how it processes images. The result? There is lesser post-operation problems which can occur with other options. Bladeless LASIK is just as the name, it uses laser to cut the corneal flap instead of a blade unlike Epi-LASIK or traditional LASIK which does otherwise. Again, with such newer and more precise technologies, the price of the surgery will be more expensive.

The severity of the eye condition also attributes to the cost of laser eye surgery. Most clinics will have an average price range but they really don’t have a fixed price for all patients. And this is because one patient may require lesser correction, while another may require a greater correction. So the poorer is your vision, the higher the price can be for your eye surgery.


Another factor as to why it can be expensive is because of the expertise of the chosen surgeon. Of course, the more experienced the doctor, the higher he is priced. It is very risky to choose an inexperienced or unknown doctor or even clinic for procedures like this because it is a delicate one.

Also, you have to take into consideration the equipment used, from pre-operation to post-operation. There are screening tests, medications and other fees that are included in the package you will get. Aside from that, the laser eye equipment requires maintenance and constant changing of blades (if there is one used), so that is also included in the cost. These things together, add up to the cost of the surgery.

Lastly, the cost of the operation will also be higher if you will have both eyes operated on. The average prices given before are just for one eye. And so, you will have to double that price if you are having the surgery done on both eyes.

Having an operation is really a stressful, time consuming, scary and costly event in one’s life. And laser eye surgery is no different, maybe even doubled. But it is important to take these factors into consideration when choosing or deciding which procedure, clinic, or doctor is the right one for you. Of course cost is a major issue when it comes to the decision-making process but you should take all of these factors into account.

Where there may be bargains available, research thoroughly. Where there are negative comments about LASIK, research. In the end, it’s still up to you and your preference. If you are tired of using contact lenses or glasses, or waking up with a blurred vision each morning, then laser eye surgery might be for you.