3 New Years Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep

I personally love this time of year, it’s full of hope and new beginnings. It’s a fresh start and a way to create whatever you want to for the following year. Just before the clock strikes over on a new year, I like to sit down and write my new years resolutions down so I have them somewhere I can see them and keep myself accountable. If you’re struggling to think of new years resolutions or new years resolutions you’ll stick to, then take a look at these 3 options!

1. Get Healthy
Focusing on losing weight is often futile because it’s a hard goal. Aiming to improve your health is often a goal that’s easier to stick to because small steps can be seen as a way to improve your health. You can make small adjustments such as swapping your morning drive for a cycle to help maintain a healthy weight. If you’re hunting for a new bike for the new year, why not check out their women bicycles or even their¬†womens beach bike for more leisure based riding. Picking up a new cycling hobby or sporting hobby is a great way to get fit.

2. Get Saving
If you’re hoping to save more this year, then it will be almost futile if you don’t have specific goals in mind. Why do you want to save more? Open up a specific account in your banking with the name of your goal, whether it’s travel fund, house fund, saving for a new car – whatever your desires, be really specific and clear about it. The more clear it is in your mind, the easier you’ll be able to set a goal and to head straight for it!

3. Get Traveling
One of my biggest hobbies is traveling and it’s no secret after all a good portion of this blog is dedicated to travel articles. If you’re like me and hope to travel more in 2018 then it’s important to have clear destination goals as well as saving targets to ensure it’s a reality. I personally really want to go to Japan and South Korea in 2018 and have already started saving. If you find it hard to be motivated to save, consider making a vision board with heaps of cool pictures of the places you want to go to visit. Start browsing Airbnb listings for places you might want to stay and flights you may want to take. Doing this research side of things helps me feel like things are more real, which in turn helps me to find the motivation to save for travel.

Remember that traveling doesn’t just have to be overseas, you can make a fun road trip to visit old childhood friends or family members. What new years resolutions do you have in mind for 2018? Let me know in the comments down below: