4 Fun Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Christmas is just around the corner, making it a perfect time to figure out what you’re going to get the men in your lives. No matter your budget, you’ll be able to find something fun and special that you can give this holiday season like these great personalised gin glasses. As always, I suggest that you stick to your own budget when choosing Christmas gifts, but here are 4 fun gift ideas for the man in your life to get some ideas flowing!

1. A Surprise Trip Away
There’s nothing better than a vacation, unless it’s a surprise vacation. My boyfriend and I have each planned a surprise trip away for each other and it was plenty of fun. We didn’t find out where we were going until we got to the airport – talk about a thrill. We were told what kind of approximate whether to pack for and how long we would be gone so we could plan leave and such, but it was a really fun adventure and I hope we do it again soon. If you’re stuck on gift ideas, this could be a really special gift you can give. It doesn’t have to be an international trip, it could even be a special weekend away somewhere you know he will love. The best part is that it’s also a trip for you too, meaning it’s a really special gift.

2. Some Sports Gear
If the guy you’re shopping for is into sports, why not encourage that and buy him something he can use for this hobby. If he’s into surfing, maybe you can shell out for a new surf board, new swimmers, or even some nice wax so he can take care of it. If he’s into soccer, then maybe it’s a good time to get him a new jersey from one of his favourite players. The options are unlimited and will depend on his specific interests, but get creative!

3. Something Tech
Most men love technology, whether it’s fancy technology like the latest iPhone or something they can use around the home. Something that I think makes for a really great gift is a drone – not only are they fun to play with and fly around, but they can also take really awesome photos and footage, which leads onto a new hobby of editing it all. They have drones at a variety of price points now so you might be surprised by how affordable they can be, but you don’t need to go crazy outside of your budget. You can even get them something like some computer glasses if they work on a screen a lot to help their eyes stay fresh.

4. A Quirky Gift
I’m a big fan of quirky gifts and always find myself browsing too long in those stores that are filled with fun, but kind of odd gifts. Maybe you find a cute bottle opener that you know he will love, or maybe you want to get him something from JS Dolls. This is a huge category, so the sky is the limit. I find that quirky gifts often make the best stocking stuffers, so definitely don’t overlook this. You can find some good ideas on Amazon, but be sure to read the reviews first.

Christmas is almost here and it’s a good time to map out what you’re going to get your loved ones.