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4 Fun Things to Spice up a Party

Whether you’re hosting an engagement party, birthday party or baby shower, there are a few things you can add to the party to make sure it’s one of the most memorable parties of the year. Ensuring that your guests are well entertained is one of the most important aspects of party planning. Maybe you’re bored of the standard parties and want to make things a little special? Here are 4 fun things to spice up a party.

1. A Quiz
This is the perfect entertainment for any party, but especially good when there’s two or more people you can throw against each other. For example, for a baby shower you can ask questions like “who’s more likely to change nappies” and have the mum, dad, grandma etc as some of the options. It’s a fun way to get to know the hosts a little better. You can even add in some incentives for the highest score. Do you feel a little intimidated by making a quiz? Well you don’t need to know how to code! You can easily make your own quiz online.

2. A Chocolate Fountain
Who doesn’t love chocolate? Adding a chocolate fountain is a simple touch that your guests will love. Make sure to provide delicious things to dip into the chocolate fountain such as strawberries, candies, pretzels – whatever you like with chocolate will work just fine with the chocolate fountain.

3. A Photo Booth
I love when I go to a wedding or a party and can take some funny photos and get to take them home. For a low-cost photo booth consider buying or renting a polaroid camera and a bunch of film. Get some funny props from a cheap dollar store and there you go – a fun photo booth where people can make some silly memories to take home with them.

4. A Piñata
You’re never too old for a piñata! If you can’t buy one locally, consider making one at home  – you can find a bunch of tutorials on how to do so on Youtube. Fill it with wrapped candies and find a stick and you have a fun way to get the party going. It’s best to blind fold the person who’s going to be whacking and to set a timer as to let others have a turn too. It’s a bunch of fun and sure to liven up any party.Use any of these 4 simple things to ensure your party is extremely fun for your guests and really memorable. Do you have any things you like to do at your party? Let us know in the comments below!