4 Simple Ways to Unwind After a Stressful Week

Have you had a stressful week? Maybe you know that you’ve got some intense work weeks coming up before Christmas. Whether you’re in the thick of it, or know it’s around the corner, here are 4 simple ways to unwind after a stressful week that are sure to help you.

1. Hot Water
I personally find hot water is so soothing when I’m feeling stressed. A hot bath, shower or even a soak in a hot jacuzzi can do wonders for me. When I get stressed, I tend to hold it in my body, especially in my neck and shoulders. Hot water helps to pull out the knots and makes me feel more relaxed. There’s also something therapeutic about the hot steamy air that surrounds you when you’re in a hot shower or bath. Another good option is a hot water bottle, you can use that on your neck and back to help relax you after a stressful week.

2. Catch Up With Friends
I don’t see my friends as often as I’d like and obviously we catch up plenty when times are good, but sometimes there’s nothing better than catching up with a good friend for a drink when work or life has been crazy. You can relax, unwind and catch up on each other’s lives. If things have been really hectic, it’s even more important than usual to hear about your friend’s life too, sometimes a little distraction can be a great way to mentally detach from the thing that’s causing you stress in your own life.

3. Natural Options
Sometimes there’s nothing better than a herbal solution for relaxing. Obviously what you choose will depend on your specific preferences, but many people find herbal solutions a great option for stressful weeks, especially now they are legalised in some states and countries around the world. If you’re wondering where to buy some good quality stuff with standards you can trust, check out Cannabis Promotions and learn more.

4. Retail Therapy
I’m a big fan of the mall and shopping when I’ve had a rough week. I like to reward myself when I’ve worked hard, but I don’t crazy. I always set a budget before I set out (or before I log on and whip my credit card out) so that I’m not overspending. Although I really enjoy online shopping and appreciate the value and options it provides you with, there’s something quite satisfying about walking around a mall and actually being able to try things on. If you’re thinking about any big purchases, it might be a good idea to see them and then give yourself 24 hours to think it over so you’re not buying on impulse. Retail therapy can be even more fun if you can convince a friend to join you! If you have some cryptocurrency you want to liquidate for your next shopping spree, check out VirgoCX for their great services.

Stressful weeks come and go, but with these tips you’ll have a few more tools in your toolkit for handling them.