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4 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

One of the biggest challenges of being a parent in the modern age, is dealing with children’s addictions to screens and their resistance to getting outside and enjoying their summer. If this is something nhat concerns you, then chances are you’re wondering what kind of ways you can convince your kids to spend more time outside. Here are my top 5 ways to get your kids outside this summer:

1. Invest in Some Sporting Gear
What your kid will be interested in, depends so much on their friends, their hobbies and their natural athletic abilities. One great place to start is by buying a set of Yonex Badminton Rackets and letting them go for gold. Badminton is a great sport, and fun to play together. You can even practise badminton alone, which can be a great outdoor activity for only children too. The best approach to buying sporting gear is to follow your child’s interest, and encourage any sports that they may be interested in.

2. Buy a Slippery Slide
Slippery slides are a super fun way to pass by the hot summer days. All you need is a hose and a relatively inexpensive slippery slide, and you’re set. You can add some soap to make it more slippery and fun, and a bunch of friends to make sure that it’s also social. If you have a hill on your property, let gravity help you make the most of your slippery slide.

3. Consider a Sand Box
If your kids are under the age of say 10, then a sand box could be a really great investment. There’s something so fun about the sensory activity of playing with sand, and there’s so much you can do with it from building tunnels through to towers. Because it’s such a versatile way to play, many kids find themselves completely enchanted with playing in their sandbox and they spend hours outside doign so. If you don’t want to install a permenant sandbox on your property, you can buy a large plastic container and fill it up with play sand and it will serve the same purpose.

4. Let Them Make a Business
If your kids are a bit older, why not encourage them to find a way to make money during the summer. They could start washing cars or mowing lawns as a way to make a little extra money. If they’re a little younger, perhaps they’d enjoy the thrill of making a lemonade stand and selling to your neighborhood. All of these ideas ensure your kids are outside, being creative and learning the ins and outs of business. They can then use the money earned to buy themselves something nice to help pass the holidays.

Summer is such a special time of year, with the longer nights and the big stretch of holidays. Hopefully these four suggestions of ways to get your kids outside this summer helps you find ways to keep them entertained and off screens.