4 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Your home should be your sanctuary, after all it’s where you’ll spend a large portion of your life. Often we start thinking about moving house in order to upgrade our lifestyles and to make our home more comfortable. But with a few small adjustments around the home, you can save time, money and hassle and continue living in your home. Here are my top 4 favourite ways to make your home more comfortable.

1) Adding in a Stairlift
If you’re finding stairs more challenging or have a family member that struggles with stairs either due to age or disability, then investing in a stairlift can dramatically improve your quality of life. A stairlift could help you feel more independent and help relieve aches and pains from the jolts of walking down the steps multiple times a day. Once you invest in a stairlift, there’s a good chance you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it – they’re that good!

2) Get a New Lounge Suit
I personally feel this is a relatively inexpensive change that can completely transform your home and social spaces. Our living area is where we tend to socialise, host friends and family and so investing a little money and effort here can make the entire house feel different. I personally love L shaped lounge suites as you can host people in a most intimate setting. Consider updating your living room suite and you’ll notice the way it changes your social areas.

3) Remodel Your Bathroom
I love a simple, modern bathroom design that’s easy to clean and extremely functional. If your bathroom is a few decades old, then you may be surprised by how much a new bathroom can change the aesthetic of your home as well as the value of your home if you plan to sell in future. Don’t forget to choose a vanity that has plenty of storage space, as that will keep your personal belongings out of sight and make tidying up much easier.

4) Don’t Neglect Your Garden
If your home has a garden, be sure to invest time and energy into your garden as well as it can be an extra entertainment area. Consider outdoor seating if you don’t yet have any or perhaps adding in some nice lighting to change the atmosphere at night. Personally I love spending the warm summer evenings reading a book in a hammock, which is a cheap investment that can add another area to your home. Whatever style garden you have, spend a little time and money sprucing it up so that you can really enjoy it.

Improving your home doesn’t have to be expensive, with these 4 simple changes you can make a home that really reflects your personality and style, while adding a little more functionality.