5 Fashion Blunders Every Nurse Should Avoid

Like any other career, nursing professionals need to wear the right attire when they head off to work, whether they’re employed in a private practice, a hospital, or any other medical facility. So if you’re a nursing student currently enrolled at Bradley University to get your bachelors, masters, or nurse practitioner doctorate degree via a BSN to DNP online program, keep reading for a list of five fashion blunders that you’ll need to avoid while you’re interning and when you start working full-time.

1.      Failing to Keep Your Scrubs Clean

As a nurse, your work uniform will be a pair of scrubs. But in addition to looking for scrubs that fit well and are the right color or have a cute design (if designs are allowed in your workplace), you also need to make it a point to keep your scrubs as clean as possible. The last thing that you want to do is show up at work and freak out your patients by wearing scrubs that have blood stains and other strange marks all over them. It’s unprofessional and it isn’t hygienic.


2.      Wearing Scrubs That Are Too Tight

Your work environment isn’t a runway, so comfort comes before style. If you wear scrubs that are too tight, it won’t be comfortable for you to move around like you need to throughout your shift, and it won’t be attractive to your patients either. So if your scrubs are no longer fitting as well as they used to, it is time to purchase new ones.

3.      Donning a V-Neck Scrub

There are quite a few nurses who prefer wearing V-neck scrubs, but these should be avoided if you have a large bust or if you are a male nurse who has a hairy chest. You want to always appear as professional and clean as possible, so a round neckline is usually the way to go, as that will keep your cleavage and your body hair covered.

4.      Wearing Worn Out, Dirty Shoes

In the same way that you need to have a laundry schedule to ensure you always have a pair of perfectly clean scrubs to wear, you also need to clean your sneakers regularly so you don’t end up showing up to work with shoes that are stained and dirty. As mentioned above, you always want to appear hygienic and professional.


5.      Wearing Pants That Fall Too Low

When you bend over, are you revealing a little too much of your backside or your underwear? Then it is time to either invest in a belt to hold up your pants, or purchase a new size of scrubs that will ensure you remain modest and covered no matter how you move. Avoid wearing your pants too low and simply make sure that they fit properly.

If you can manage to avoid the five fashion blunders above, you will always look your best when you show up to your nursing job, and you will feel comfortable and confident throughout your daytime or night time shift.