5 Inventive Ideas for Planning Your Next Party

Birthdays, anniversaries and various other occasions to celebrate come around each and every year and trying to come up with brand new event ideas for them all can soon grow tiresome. Some people aren’t always eager to throw a huge party, but for others trying to top what they did the previous year becomes a whole new task. For those of you who may be struggling to come up with the perfect idea, here are 6 that will hopefully inspire you.

1. Rent a House

If you want a homely and comfortable environment without having to actually to do it all in your own home, which can be stressful and often not spacious enough, you could explore an alternative option and rent a house for a party. You can choose from stately homes, country manors and even waterside houses, all of which come with multiple rooms for your party group to sleep in and plenty of facilities and additional services to help cater for everyone involved. It’s a guaranteed way to allow you to celebrate in style.


2. Rooftop Venue

Whether you want to hire out a rooftop venue or simply take a group of friends to a public rooftop bar – it makes for an incredibly scenic and enjoyable night out. It’s best to do in the summer as a freezing cold rooftop may not be the perfect spot for celebration, but a warm evening and cocktail bar will certainly please the party.

3. Helicopter Flight

Wherever you’re located in New York and want a flight over the sky scrapers or are living in London and want to flight over the Thames, a helicopter experience is something you’ll never forget and would be ideal for a birthday celebration. Not only do you get the thrill of being high up in the air, but you also get an astonishing perspective of the world below you.


4. Skydiving

If you take a look on most people’s bucket lists, you’re sure to find ‘skydive’ somewhere in their top 10. Grab a group of friends and face your fears together. It may not be everyone’s idea of a party, but it’s definitely a much more inventive idea and experience than going out for a meal at your local restaurant. For the faint-hearted, you could even look at taking your party to an indoor skydiving venue. It may not match the experience of doing it for real, but it’s still a unique and thrilling activity that everyone could take part in.

5. Boat party

Hiring out a boat makes for the perfect venue for all celebrations, whether it’s an engagement or even a work event! You can have the experience tailored around your needs, so catering can be taken care of and you can enjoy the celebration with every else on board, whilst simultaneously taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

Plan your party in advance and consider some of these alternative venues and experiences. You don’t have to limit yourself to your own property and you can offer your guests a new and alternative celebration.