5 Summer Craft Ideas

Every season has its unique energy, and we all want to get involved in the summer fun every time it comes around. One of many ways to enjoy this sunny season is to get into some craft projects. There are great craft ideas for every season, but here are our top five for summer!

Create Summer Snacks

And we don’t just mean snacks whose flavor is suited to summer – decorate the snacks in a summer theme too for extra fun. Decorate light biscuits with sunshine designs, or arrange your salad vegetables by color or in concentric circles. There’s nothing quite like bright, freshly colored, and tasting food to make you really feel like summer is here.

Create a Banner for a Summer Party

A garden party in the summer always needs a little something extra special in order to stand out over all the other parties, and one way to achieve that is with some great decor. Why not make an impactful welcome banner for your party using a Unicorn SVG or painted design to really wow your guests when they arrive? It’s easy to do, and will definitely add a little x-factor.

Make Your Own Summer Dress

This might sound complicated but actually, there are a huge amount of very simple patterns out there, from simple shift dresses to slightly more complex fitted designs. All you have to do is pick a fabric you like and follow the pattern, and you’ll have your own unique summer look!

Create Flower Crowns

All that practice making daisy chains when you were younger is finally going to pay off when you make yourself a beautiful flower crown this summer – ideal for a party or going to a festival. All you need to do is buy or make a wreath base (usually formed of wire or willow) and weave in the long stems of flowers and foliage to make yourself feel like a fairy queen.

Create a Summer Photo Album

To create a themed album where you can keep all your treasured summer memories, all you need is an acid-free scrapbook and some flowers from your garden or nearby. You can press the flowers and when they’re ready, decorate the pages with them to create a beautiful summer-themed album.

So there you have it, if you find your fingers itching for a project this summer, look no further than this handy list of top five summer craft ideas!