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The current context has accelerated access to the Internet for minors. On the one hand, it is positive because there are digital platforms that provide educational support, but on the other, inappropriate pages can be found that endanger the integrity of any child.

As parents, we must be aware of our children’s activities on the Internet, and even more so when they are on a computer or mobile device for their virtual classes.

Faced with this problem, we turn to the parental control tools, and then we will give you a list of 6 best parental control apps that can help you protect and control your little one in their activity through cyberspace. Have a look! 

  • FamilyTime

It is one of the most recommended parental control tools and is available for mobiles and tablets. As its description says, it is “designed to give a boost to family time by controlling and protecting the use that your child makes of their devices.” Among its main features, you can find web filters that filter out inappropriate content, restrict words and access to certain web pages, as well as establish connection time controls. With this, FamilyTime app offers SMS monitoring, location tracking, geofencing, app blocking, screen time schedules, teen drive safety features, panic alerts and much more. All these features help parents protect their kids not only in the virtual environment but in real settings too. 

  • OurPact

After FamilyTime, experts recommend using OurPact. This tool, which has free and paid versions, can be installed on mobile phones and tablets, the use of which has been increased by virtual classes. In addition, within its functions, it allows you to geolocate your child, limit their access to certain platforms, filter content and words, among others.

  • Kids place

Lend your child your mobile? On more than one occasion you may have lent it to them. If so, Kid Place is the right tool to protect your personal information, among others. On the other hand, it allows you to restrict downloads and actions that may generate an expense.

  • Google Family Link

 The world’s largest search engine also has a parental control app that allows anyone under the age of 14 to be supervised by an adult. How does it work? The parent must install the tool on both their mobile device and their child’s, in order to control their location, set time limits, among other interesting options.

  • Norton Family

It is one of the best-known Cybersecurity brands in the world, and therefore, it could not be left behind with its parental control application. This is available for mobile phones and computers, and one of its attractive functions is to limit access to certain YouTube videos.

  • Kaspersky Safe Kids

This application allows you to define the time when the device will work, in addition to monitoring communications in applications, blocking access to inappropriate websites, managing access to applications and games and track the location. Available for both Android and iOS, Safe Kids has a free version with limited resources, and the premium option costs several $ per year. 

The Internet has its pros and cons for minors, and, as parents, we must be aware of their virtual activities. This makes the use of a parental control app necessary. We recommend you to pick any of these best parental control apps today and ensure your kids’ security smartly. Happy parenting.