Advice on planning a luxury Easter wedding

With the festival’s connotations of rebirth and new beginnings, and the wonderful weather, it’s no surprise more couples are considering an Easter wedding date. If you are enamoured with the idea of an Easter wedding yourself, there are certain things you can do to make your big day more memorable for you and your guests, and to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. Here’s our advice on planning an Easter wedding.

Host the wedding outside

By the time Easter comes around, the bitterly cold days of the winter will be long gone, replaced by the delights of sunny spring. You are more likely to enjoy nice weather at this time of year, and avoid the sweltering summer heat. With this in mind, why have your wedding indoors when you could potentially be basking in the spring sunshine? Even if you want the wedding ceremony itself to take place inside, an outdoor reception can brighten up any wedding.

There are many luxury wedding venues where you can tie the knot and celebrate outside. Particularly popular at the moment are castles and stately homes with vast green grounds for you and your guests to mingle as the sun shines.

Alternatively, you could follow in the footsteps of various celebrity couples and throw a lavish wedding ceremony in your garden. This enables you to have a more intimate and personal celebration, but without skimping on that luxury touch. Getting married at home comes with separate considerations, like transforming your garden to be wedding-ready, and making sure you have given your neighbours fair warning. You may even want to consider hiring wedding planners to help you make the most of your big budget. Many are experts in transforming gardens for special occasions, and turning them into perfect venues for luxury weddings.

Have a Plan B

If you do decide to host your wedding outside, there are certain things you should take into consideration. Most importantly, have a Plan B in case the worst comes to worst and the weather is not so kind to you. Whilst there will be more chance of sun and warmth during an Easter wedding, you shouldn’t bank on it. Consider putting a deposit down on some marquee tents and buying some space heaters so that you can keep you and your guests dry and warm. You can even hire out luxury marquees to ensure that your wedding maintains its feeling of grandeur.

As well as guaranteeing that you and your guests keep warm and dry, you should be prepared for all scenarios. For example, you should make sure that the venue will remain well lit when the sun goes down, ensure that it is bug and wind-proofed, and even buy some fans if the weather is hot.

Incorporate an Easter/spring theme

Get into the Easter spirit by having an Easter-themed wedding. This theme can come through in a number of ways, like dressing in Easter-inspired attire. Instead of plain, run-of-the-mill colours, why not add splashes of bright yellow to your wedding dress or suit, or even go full on colourful? Encouraging your guests to dress in fresh yellows, greens, blues, and reds will also create a real springtime feel. You could also get your female attendees to wear floral wreaths and colourful jewelry, and persuade male wedding-goers to wear eye-catching boutonnières themselves.

Decorating your venue in line with the Easter theme is another way to embrace the season. Putting little baskets of edible eggs on tables will really help bring this through, and you could also look at having your wedding cake adorned with Easter eggs. Although flowers will be in bloom by Easter time, to embellish the spring feel of this time of year, you could opt for hanging floral and foliage installations, and place bright flower centrepieces on tables.

Another great way to add to the Easter theme, and something that will really appeal to guests with young children, is to organise an Easter egg hunt. A perfect way to encourage your guests to explore the grounds of your venue and to give the young’uns of the wedding something to do for a while, this will be a fun activity for all.

With potentially optimum weather conditions and the chance to incorporate a fun theme, forgo a winter or summer ceremony in favour of an Easter celebration.