Alternatives to being an Aupair, Co-op job

Are you interested in “trying out a new community”, but becoming an Aupair is not what you are interested in?  Then why not do a co-operative education program?

Let’s take an example of a person who likes games of chance and skill, for example, online blackjack.

A website dedicated to playing online blackjack may either be just an online website or it may be backed by an actual brick and mortar location.  What kinds of jobs would somebody who is interested in this industry have available to them?

Online location:

  • Website developers
  • Website designers
  • Software testers
  • Product managers (the people who figure out the next products to create)
  • Marketing people
  • Business people
  • Writers

Brick and mortar location:

  • Teachers of the game
  • Customer service people
  • Bar tenders
  • Architects
  • Other entertainers
  • Business people
  • Security people
  • Cooks

In some college majors, especially in the high tech industry, they support the idea of cooperative education.  The way it works generally is that person studies in their major for two years, and then during the last 3 years of their education they rotate between studying in college/university and working for a company in your field.

There are no restrictions on which company you can work for.  You are not restricted by your state or even the country.  So that means that a person can do a co-op job in a foreign country (if the foreign country will allow it).

Living 6 months in a place really allows you learn about the place.  You have to find a place to live, you have to pay rent, buy food, and all of the other things that go with really living in a community.

Being an aupair is nice, but not everybody is cut out for being an aupair.  But an aupair job is not the only job that allows you to relocate temporarily – the world is full of possibilities.