Basic tips to write numbers in the form of words

Numbers are the basic things that make the structure of Mathematics. Without this, you won’t be able to measure or determine the value of any object. These numbers can be written in the form of words as well. It helps people to avoid confusion in real-life situations. If you write a cheque you need to write in both numerical and word form. To convert them into words you need to know the place value of all the digits. It has a proper sequence that people need to follow while writing them in words. Read this article to understand the logic behind writing the number in words.

  • Expressing numbers in names: First of all, you need to know the name of every digit that you use. These will be taught to you by the teachers that take your class. It is what people refer to as the number names in Mathematics. When you learn it, you will understand the individual word names of each digit. But this is not enough to describe the bigger words that you use in Mathematics. You have to learn these formats to avoid confusion while writing them. Follow these simple rules to understand how these numbers are written in English:
  • Know the place value: The basic way to approach while writing the names of the numbers. Each digit is assigned with a position in the number. This is what you know as the place value of that digit. For example, in the number 45, the digit ‘4’ is tens place and ‘5’ is units. The unit’s place is also known as the one’s place. It exists on the extreme right of the number that you have in the question. After that comes the tens, hundreds, and thousand’s place. Gradually it shifts towards the left side of the numbers.
  • The numbers between 1 and 20: These are the most unique set of numbers that are present in the system. Each of the digits in this range has its unique name and identity. For example, nineteen, eleven, twelve, seven, etc. You will not find any connection between the names of these digits. They have separate names and spellings that you can use while writing. If the range is between these numbers you can directly write down the name of them. There is no pattern that you have to follow while remembering them. Once you learn it you can just directly write the names of the numbers.
  • Remaining 100th and 1000th place: This is what you have to apply a simple trick while naming. There may be an example of a number such as 600. To name this, you have to write the digit without the zeros in your paper. After that, you need to write the place of the digit where it is located. Then it will be the name of the number that you need to find. The result of the question in the example will be six hundred. There may be situations where you have to name more than two digits. For example, the question may be 467. In this, you have to write from the left side of the number. First, you will write the digit along with the hundred names. After that, you have to write the digit with ten’s place. Lastly, just write the unit’s digit name to get the answer of ” four hundred sixty-seven”.

Knowing the tricks to write the names of numbers is very important. You will need this in different work fields throughout life. You can enroll yourself in the Cuemath classes online to get more tips. You can join the classes of experts who advise the students on various math tips and tricks.