Become a MasterChef With These 4 Food Experimentations

How many times have you been greeted with the same, boring menu options; where there’s little to choose because it seems as if the creativity of food has somewhat died? Like novelists, there are only a handful of original storylines, and yet it’s how the novelist structures and narrates the story, while incorporating twists and turns, that makes it unique. Chefs have to apply this same notion to their menus; they have to think outside of the box, otherwise, what makes them better or more special than the restaurants surrounding them? If you’re in desperate need of some inspiration, check out below.

Replace the ‘Salt’ in Salted Caramel

Salted caramel can be found on almost every single menu; it’s becoming a firm favorite and a staple in people’s dessert choices. A few examples are salted caramel ice cream, salted caramel brownies, and even salted caramel fondue! So, how can you make something people already love new, exciting, and most importantly, even better?

Miso takes salted caramel to a whole new level. Not only does it sound more exotic, but it’s the perfect partner to balance out the sweetness of the caramel, while putting an interesting spin on something well-loved. Other ways to create salty caramel or chocolate is through olives. Bizarre, but brilliant.

Fruit Cake and Cheese

People who grew up in the North of England knew about this combination years and years ago; yet, many people will balk at this flavor combination. Think of it this way, though: when you’re making a cheeseboard, do you provide fruit on the side? If so, what’s the difference between having a slice of apple between your cracker and wedge of cheese, and placing a slither of cheese on top of your fruit cake? This is perfect for wintertime, and by including it on a Christmas menu, you’ll be wowing and blowing the minds of your customers.

Savory Ice Cream

Finally, our dreams have all came true: ice cream is no longer limited to dessert or a sweet treat we should only be indulging in once our dinner plates have been cleared. Now, ice cream and sorbet can be included in starters and mains, with new and interesting ideas many chefs may be nervous to try out.

You can either make ice cream solely savory, and pair it with other savory items, or you can play around with sweet and salty. Examples of this are raspberry sorbet paired with watermelon, feta and olives, or latte wasabi pea crunch ice cream cones.

If you’re going to be playing around with a lot of ice cream flavors, make sure to in state of the art commercial ice makers and commercial ice machines, so your restaurant can keep experimenting while keeping up with the demand.

Wasabi and Chocolate

Move over chili chocolate, and enter wasabi chocolate instead. Wasabi is a strong, fiery taste you have to grow accustomed to, however, it is delicious and when paired with something sweet, it’s delicious. Wasabi and chocolate truffles or cake are perfect; or even different American Sweets paired with Wasabi is worth a try, so is including raspberry or white chocolate into the mix.