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Constructive Reasons To Become A Tradie That Don’t Involve Money

More and more people are heading to uni when they graduate from high school. Although it’s a savvy move, it does leave trade jobs understaffed. In recent years, governments have been trying to increase participation with some success. It’s no secret that the money in construction or plumbing is as competitive as ever. Still, there are many reasons to get into the industry, and they don’t revolve around wages. So, what else makes a trade job a lucrative position? Take a look at the following to find out.


International Job Opps

Around the world, the industry is calling out for skilled professionals. Of course, this is beneficial from a money point of view because the demand pushes up the average wage. However, there is a lifestyle advantage, too. Because countries such as Australia are desperate, they welcome foreigners with open arms. Not only will they sponsor you, but they will fast-track an application for citizenship also. In wintertime, the idea of working in 40 °C heat on the Pacific coast is very appealing. But, don’t forget that Aus is one country and there are dozens which require the same skilled workers.


Government Perks

Governments are not stupid and understand they need to make it easier for employees and employers. So, it’s no surprise that a host of new perks has come into legislation over the past five years. Nowadays, an apprentice can go to college or university while working a regular nine to five. Studying for an online accredited MBA is something tradies don’t think it important because it doesn’t involve hard labour. However, the majority of tradesmen and women end up putting down the tools and working in the office. Flexitime and holiday and sick pay for self-employed people are also making its way to fore.


Health And Fitness

Does the idea of sitting behind a desk all day seem appealing? The answer is no because it’s boring and uncomfortable. Still, lots of people do it on a daily basis to pay the bills and climb the corporate ladder. Tradies aren’t members of this group because they are on their feet for the majority of the day. Standing up sounds tiring, but it’s an unbelievable workout. And, lifting and carrying heavy objects works a variety of muscle groups too. After a hard week at work, there’s no reason to hit the gym.


Job Satisfaction

Tradesmen and women wouldn’t put up with the long hours on their feet if they didn’t love the job. But, why is career satisfaction so high? Is it because of the money? Yes, that’s a factor, but so are security and a bond with co-workers. Regardless of the shift towards AI, tradies will be in a job in fifty years time as machines can produce yet can’t fix and fit. Also, working on a site is a barrel of laughs as the guys and girls have a great sense of humour.


See, a career as a tradesperson isn’t always about the green stuff.