Do Tummy Control Shapewear Really Work?

Everyone has problem areas with their figures and there are parts that they do not like because they make them feel insecure. For many women, having fats along the waistline and abdomen is one of the major problems. This waist-based problem is a gathering of fats and loose skin below the belly button and can cause problems when dressing. Flabby abdomen can be solved simply by choosing shapewear that pulls everything all in.

Shapewear, also known as body shapers are an effective garment that is specially constructed to slim and smooth figure under a variety of clothing, for almost any occasion. This includes body shapers that provide compression in the abdominal area such mid-thigh shaping shorts, waist cinchers, lower tummy shapewear panties and bodysuits. People often wonder, is belly shaper effective?

The answer is a yes. Shapewear can definitely flatten the tummy, slims the waist and reduces muffin tops. It’s is also a good option to give the cleavage a lift, hide back fat and minimize the thighs as well. When it comes to weight loss, there is no across-the-board solution. It is a combination of healthy eating and exercise to achieve the targeted weight. While wearing a body shaper will not cause the body fats to melt off, it can contribute to a healthier body image to supplement the slimming goals.

What To Consider When Choosing Effective Body Shapers?

The role of a body shaper depends largely on the garment you are using. Quality is also important in the effectiveness of the shapewear. If low quality shapewear that does not fit correctly may not give you the result you want. In order to get the best possible experience from your shapewear, you have to consider the following:-

Fit – Make sure you take accurate measurements and buy the shapewear that fits correctly. Do not choose a size smaller than your regular size as this will give you an unflattering result. If you are in between sizes, choose the larger one.

Compression – The level of compression of the shapewear makes a big difference. High compression shapewear are made from strong material like latex to ensure a tight fit. These types of shapewear will give dramatic results to help you fit into a body-hugging outfit. Medium compression garments are more flexible and comfortable to wear all day. They will flatter and create a smoothing effect. Shapewear that offers light compression includes camis and shaping panties.

A versatile lingerie wardrobe will have shapewear that includes different levels of compression that will help you feel and look confident no matter what you are wearing and for what occasions. Shapewear before and after will let you see the benefits of wearing it and what it can do to your body.

There are body shapers that offer all-over sculpting like a full bodysuit that enhances the bust, waist, hips, derriere and thighs. There are also foundation garments that focus more on the derriere. You can choose shapewear that gives the butt a lift or minimize the hips. Where to buy butt lifting shapewear? Well there is no other places than Shapellx, a leading retail brand that offers a wide range of high-quality size-inclusive shapewear that not only will sculpt the body gently and accentuate curves, they are highly comfortable too.

Below are some of the shaping garments that will slim the midsection, minimize and lift the derriere that are best-selling at Shapellx.

Ultra Comfortable Body Shaper

 This bodysuit that has a built-in support top is soft and seamless, making it an essential sculpting piece for enhancing the body’s natural curves. It will lengthen your silhouette visually, lift the butt while laying comfortably against your skin. The snap closure at the bottom keeps bathroom accessibility easy without having to remove the entire bodysuit.

Butt Enhancer Shaper

Need a boost? Look no further than this magical butt enhancer short. It features removable padding to add instant shape and volume to your derriere. The ruched area on the butt expands with you to ensure butt lifting and contouring effects.  It has ultra-flat seem and is invisible underneath your clothes. This high waist butt lifter shaper is the perfect body control body shaper that is designed to offer targeted firm control to reduce the waist, slim the tummy, hips and thighs, and it will not roll own.

Everyday Shaping Underwear

Made of recycled nylon, this shaping underwear features a two-ply material and provides a firm control on the waist and back. It has edge bonded panels making it comfortable and squeeze free slimming. It has anti rolling to help it stay in place.