Doctor, Doctor…I Want To Be A Nurse

It’s weird to think that there are people who would automatically suggest that being a doctor is better than being a nurse. But there are, and I’m here to tell you that those individuals are completely wrong. On the most basic level, being a nurse can be far more rewarding compared to slipping into the white coat of a doctor for one basic reason, the patients. As a doctor, you won’t get to spend much time with them at all. When you take on the role of a nurse, you’ll have plenty of time for your patients. Here are a few other reasons why nursing is better.


Not So Much Studying

Most education professionals agree that the road to becoming a doctor is one of the most stressful experiences you can encounter. If you’re not pushing your memory to the max, you’ll be testing your endurance. When you’re not doing that you’ll be learning how to cope with death and don’t forget there’s also about a million exams and assignments. That’s not true if you become a nurse. The course is shorter, and there’s less pressure to excel in every area.

Personal Care

As a doctor, you may come up with a diagnosis that saves the life of a patient. Or, you may perform the first procedure if you’re a surgeon. But nurses are there for the care, the treatment and the aftercare. They make sure that the patient is healthy emotionally as well as physically. That’s the real difference between doctors and nurses. Nurses are there every step of the way whereas doctors enter at the final hurdle.

Lots Of Options

Finally, you might think being a nurse means you’re tied to completing a million injections or handing out plasters. That’s not the case, and you have just as many possibilities as a doctor. For instance, you can become a midwife, a specialist nurse in labour and pregnancy. You can find more about this in the following infographic.

Infographic CreditStaffnurse.com nursing jobs