Enjoying Family Days Out with Foster Children

Family days out are something that many of us look forward to in the summer. We can pack a picnic, head to a family attraction, park or the beach, and enjoy some quality time together away from the distractions and stresses of home life. It’s time to get to know each other, bond and build some great memories for the future. Days out with foster children can be fantastic, but as a foster carer, you should make sure you are prepared, and that you don’t rush the children in your care. Here are some tips to help you to enjoy days out as a foster family. 

Give Them Time to Settle

While you might be tempted to take your new foster child out and show them the sights as soon as possible, this can be very overwhelming. Give new foster children a chance to get used to you and their new lives before any large days out or big trips. 

Stay Close to Home

It’s a good idea to stay fairly close to home, at least for your first few family days out. This way, if your foster child becomes overwhelmed or upset, you can head straight home without having to make a long journey. Start with local parks and other attractions before going further afield. 

Avoid Busy Places

Busy places can be exciting, but they can also be overwhelming for children. If you do want to go to popular attractions, try to do it away from busy times, or wait until you are sure your foster child is ready. 

Get Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is a great way to have fun and make the most of summer. Parks, playgrounds, family hikes and outdoor swimming can all be good fun. 

Enjoy Time with Other Foster Families

Some foster agencies, such as Fosterplus Doncaster arrange regular family days, as well as offering their families plenty of support and guidance. These days are a great chance to get to know other foster families, learn from their experience, build a support network, and make friends. They also give your foster children an opportunity to make friends with other children in similar situations, who will understand them. 

Manage Your Time

Family days out don’t need to be strictly planned. It’s okay to be spontaneous and see where the day takes you. But looking at opening and closing times, how long journeys will take (adding some extra time for traffic) and considering other times can help your days out to run smoothly. 

Prepare for the Weather

Even on nice summer days, there can be unexpected showers. You don’t want the weather to ruin your day so make sure you always pack waterproofs, extra layers, and sunscreen so that you are ready for anything. 

Ask for Their Input

One of the best ways to ensure older foster children have a great day out is to ask for their input. Ask them about things they enjoy, or things they’ve always wanted to do, show them what is available close to home, and plan your day together. 

Summer days out are great fun and a lovely way to build lasting memories and bonds. Chances are, once your foster child has settled, they’ll love days out at the beach and park, and you’ll all have lots of fun in the sun together.