Entering the World of Vaping: 4 Considerations to Make Prior to Choosing Your Vaping Kit

If you’ve never really tried vaping but you are excited about entering this new world, you need to understand one main idea: Not all vaping kits are created equally.

Armed with this knowledge and by taking some time to learn the difference and what to look for, you can explore your options. As you decide on your next steps to take in vaping, keep these 4 considerations in mind.

4 Things to Think About Before You Choose Your Vaping Kit

1.Size matters when it comes to your e-cigarettes. When you first start exploring your options, you’ll see vaping pens, e-cigs, vaporizers, and more. This can be a little overwhelming until you know where to start.

Your first decision should be the size of the e-cigarette that you want to use. Do you prefer those that are similar to real cigarettes and are thin and lightweight? Or would a larger, bulkier one that may have more vapor in it do the trick for you? Regardless of the size you choose, the product itself must be of high quality.

Eliquid talks about the difference between vaping with low versus high-quality products. You can check out their numerous top 5 lists about vape products here.

2.How much vapor production are you looking for? Some people don’t mind a low level of vapor, but for most people, the vape is the most important part of the product. However, this is one of the most unique aspects of every vaping kit since there are so many factors that go into vape production.

Check into the technology that is used in the e-cig itself, including the clearomizer and the cartomizer. Make sure the resistance level of the atomizer head is in an optimal range with the e-liquid you are vaping with.

When you choose your base, keep in mind that the more VG (vegetable glycerin) in the e-liquid, the better the vapor, but the more PG (propylene glycol), the better the throat hit sensation and the more flavors you can mix.

3.Of course, safety should always come first. After you choose your size and base, don’t ever purchase a product until you have analyzed the safety factor of the kit. If the name is reputable, you can feel a bit safer, but still, check for a couple of safety features.

The tank should never be plastic, for starters. Glass or pyrex are the safest options. Then check out the security features on the battery. Many reputable brands offer auto shut-off capabilities in the case of a short-circuit. Finally, ensure that the metal that is used is RoHS certified or you may end up with a rusty or contaminated tank.

4.Reputable companies really are the way to go. As mentioned above, your safety is usually more guaranteed with reputable companies since they have been tested and true for longer and with more users. But in addition to safety, authentic products usually come with warranties so if anything happens, your product can be replaced or fixed.

It’s a Great Big New World of Vaping

With so many knock-offs and clones on the market today, it’s important that you learn the basics of choosing your vaping kit. These 4 factors are crucial in starting you on a safe and enjoyable vaping future.