FAO Single Men: Here’s How To Ace That First Date

Dating is a complex environment. Whether it’s a blind date, a Tinder date, or a date with a girl you’ve known for years doesn’t matter. There’s always going to be a few nerves involved, especially if you’ve been out of the game for a while.

However, dating should be an enjoyable experience. By taking out the fear with in-depth planning, there’s no reason that you can’t impress the date and have fun. Concentrate on these elements below, and you should be just fine.



Choosing a venue for the date always feels difficult. But as long as it’s relaxed and gives you a chance to get better acquainted, you’ll be doing just fine.

You don’t need to fix something if it isn’t broken. The tried and tested route of stylish restaurants will never serve you wrong. Let’s face it; amazing food puts everyone in a positive mood. Moreover, it gives you a fantastic opportunity to talk without the need for feeling uncomfortable.

If you know your date beforehand, you can use this to your advantage. Whether it’s watching a show or doing a sporting activity, it’s a great way to inject extra fun. And that can only bode well for their opinion of you too.


First impressions count for everything in this world, particularly when it comes to dating. Even if you’ve met this person in non-dating scenarios before, it’s imperative that you take this opportunity to look the part.

Dressing to impress won’t only make an impact on the date. It will give you a huge boost of self-confidence too. This guide on the latest fashion trends should provide fantastic inspiration. Once you see the positive reaction it brings, you’ll be glad that you made the effort.

Above all else, you should be groomed well and look clean. There’s nothing more off-putting than a date who looks dirty.



Going on a date probably isn’t as big a deal as you think. Nevertheless, it’s still a breakthrough and gives you the opportunity to create a romantic spark. Sadly, it will become impossible if you’re not interacting.

The date is probably going to last a maximum of a few hours. You can last that time without the need for Facebook and Whatsapp. If there’s only one piece of advice you take from this post, it’s this: put the phone away. Not only does being glued to it look rude, but it also looks like you’re uninterested.

That funny reply to the lads’ group chat could potentially cost you a relationship. Nice one Einstein…


Ok, so this isn’t a job interview. But you’re still looking to sell yourself by showing that you are worth investing time into. Quite frankly, how can you expect the date to be interested if you aren’t interested in yourself?

There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead by mentally preparing stuff to say. Whether it’s an anecdote or a topic of conversation, it could prevent those awkward silences. Of course, things may flow naturally so that you’ll never need them. However, it’s always good to have those reserves.

Otherwise, shyness may make you look a little boring. If that happens, you might as well wave the white flag.