Wouldn’t it be nice to have these trees lined up in your garden,   providing shade,  and enhancing the beauty of your home,  you think to yourself. 

Yes,  there are interesting trees which bring a wonderful feel to our homes,  providing some flora greenery to our gardens and making our abodes a  true place for relaxation.

Most homeowners would like to plant fast-growing trees to beautify their garden landscape,  add a sense of excitement for their front yard,   or have some shade for their backyard.

Fast-growing trees, according to experts,  are the ones that grow rapidly in all aspects which can be used for several purposes like timber, fuelwood, and windbreaks. Fast-growing trees may even be used in landscaping and many other things.

Surely you would prefer fast-growing trees for your home,  and we’ve provided you a shortlist of those which you can choose from to plant in your own garden. 

Dawn Redwood  ( Salix Babylonica) 

The Dawn Redwood, a native to China, is a renowned plant that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.  

As an evergreen that can grow to heights of over 100 feet,  this tree is a perfect choice for your landscape. 

With leaves that are spirally arranged with needles in groups of two,  this particular species of coniferous tree produce flower cones,   with male plants producing pollen which is yellow in color while female plants produce seeds that are small, brown in color, and have oval-shaped wings attached to them.

Red Sunset Maple (  Acer  Rubrum ‘Franksred’) 

Red Sunset Maple is a beautiful hardwood with an absolutely gorgeous grain pattern and color,  described by experts as a challenging wood to work with and can be extremely frustrating for beginners.

This tree is found in the southern  Appalachian Mountains,  does not grow very tall, and is usually most prominent near the best of mountains along the ravines.

Sunset maples are most often found growing on soil with high pH levels due to decaying leaves and decomposing logs,  often seen as small groups rather than large stands or forests.

Other names for this tree as  Crimson King Maple,  Berlin City Maple, or Fall River Maple. 

If you wish to add some color to your garden during autumn, this tree could be the tree that would be right for you.

Further, experts add that these Red Sunset Maples are easy to grow, quite hardy, and can withstand extreme weather.  

Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia Indica)  

Crape Myrtles are popular flowering trees in the South,  dubbed as an excellent tree for shaded areas, blooming heavily with its beautiful flowers even when their leaves have fallen out. 

These plants, with their flowers ranging from white, pink, and purple, bloom best during the summertime,  adding color and beauty to any landscape,  and requiring very little care.   

Its leaves, meantime,  are medium green in color, with a medium-size crown.

Plant enthusiasts would be delighted to have these crape myrtles in their gardens,   which come in a wide array of colors and sizes,  so you can simply find one which fits your yard’s needs. 

Prairifire Crabapple   

Prairifires are beautiful crabapples with excellent fall color, considered by experts are one of the most robust crabapples, capable of enduring extreme weather conditions.

This crabapple tree was discovered in Saskatchewan, Canada, surviving the coldest of temperatures.

They grow well in the Midwest where they require little pruning,  yet these can also adapt well to different climates.  

Its single white flowers have a pink flush at the center, which gives way to red fruit that matures in late summer.  

The Prairifire Crabapple’s fruits are small red crabapples that are excellent for jellies and desserts. 

These fruits ripen in the fall, can be eaten fresh or baked into pies,  included as ingredients in cooking, described by observers as “sweet with a tart finish.”  

Linden Tree

The  Linden Tree, native to eastern Europe and southwestern Asia,  is said to have been first introduced to England  by  Prince Albert,   Queen Victoria’s German husband,

“Linden” is derived from the word “linde”, which is the Anglo-Saxon word for  “tree”,    gaining popularity because of its beauty as an ornamental tree, and also because of its medicinal properties.

 There are other varieties of the linden or basswood,   which include Tilia Cordata ( small-leaved lime),  Tilia platyphyllos ( large-leaved lime),  and  Tilia Europaea ( common lime). 

The tree grows as high as 20 meters,  with small leaves measuring from 7  to  15 centimeters long with its smooth margins and slightly downy undersides.

Today, the linden tree can be found all throughout Europe and North Africa,   producing clusters of small yellow flowers in early summer which are largely concealed by its new leaves until mid-summer. 

These trees are often planted alongside streets in residential areas where it provides shade for people passing by on foot or in their cars.

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