Four Ways to Support a Loved One Who Wants to Go Back to School

College used to be something you did straight out of high school. That’s not the case today. More adults than ever are going back to school to pursue educational goals.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. There are a lot of obstacles adults must overcome in order to go back to school. Sometimes those obstacles are too great.

However, without going back to school and getting a degree, you could be stuck waiting tables for the rest of your life! If you have a loved one who wants to pursue a new career, make it easier for them to go back to school by supporting them in these four ways.

Give Them Some Cash

Every college student, no matter what their age, could use more money. Hand them some cash, send them a check, or send your loved one money using a transfer service like Remitly.

By sending them money, you can help fund their educational dreams. They can use the money to pay bills, buy books, or pay for rent so they can spend less time at work and more time focusing on their studies.

Offer to Help Them with Chores

A lot of people who go back to school don’t go to school full-time. They go back to school in the evenings or the weekends so they can continue working.

That can wear a person pretty thin because it means they have a lot less time to get all that other stuff done. If you want to be supportive, one of the best things you can do is offer to help them with chores.

A few ideas include:

  • Bringing dinner a few times a week
  • Offering to mow the lawn
  • Cleaning the house
  • Going grocery shopping

Watch the Kids

Many people want to go back to school to provide a better quality of life for their children. Unfortunately, going back to college remains a dream because it means paying someone to watch the kids, and that can be expensive.

Offer to watch the kids so they can go to that lecture or study in peace. Not only is it something wonderful you can do for your loved one while they go back to school, it also gives you a chance to build a close relationship with their children.

Celebrate Their Achievements

Going back to school is hard. That degree can seem miles away, which means it is easy to get discouraged. Help keep your loved one’s spirits up by celebrating their achievements.

Congratulate them on getting a good score on a test and offer to take them out for dinner when one of their classes is complete. It will give them the motivation they need to keep studying hard.

It takes a village to raise a child, but it can take a village to support a loved one who wants to go back to college too! With the tips on this list, you can give them the support they need to reach all of their educational goals.