How social media can impact your business

For most of us we don’t think twice about social media. We use it on a daily basis to connect with friends, family and it gives us the ability to stay updated with what’s going on around the world within a matter of seconds. For the majority of us social media plays a big part in our life and it’s hard to understand where we’d be without it.

When used for personal use social media doesn’t have many downfalls. Since both social media and the digital world have developed and become more popular, businesses are now resorting to the many channels in order to communicate with their audience. Social media is a powerful tool that can really benefit businesses but only if it’s managed in the correct way.

Social media: Pros & Cons

Firstly, if you’re going to use social media as a tool for your business then you need to be clued up on how to use the channels correctly. With social media being so popular and many brands turning to it, it’s worth considering hiring a social media executive. Having a dedicated member of staff means your channels will be managed by an expert and your audience will receive regular, relevant content and help if they require it.

An alternative solution to hiring a member of staff solely to manage the company’s social media is to seek help from an agency like who have a team of social media experts. Working with an agency means you not only have experts managing your social but also professional help and guidance, which will only benefit your business.


With over 2 billion users recorded in 2017, Facebook tops the social media leader board and can make a big impact on your brand. With the ability to use on a number of different devices and easy to setup, creating a Facebook account for your business could not be easier. Facebook is a great way of sharing content but it also allows you to share high quality images to accompany the post as it’s intergrated with Instagram.

With the many advantages of Facebook there are also a few downfalls. Since the popular platform has evolved, it has become very ad focused and makes it difficult to run specific campaigns. Having these factors in the way can affect your strategy in a few minor ways.


Similar to Facebook, creating an account on Twitter is straight forward and can be done within minutes. Twitter has always been known for having a character limit and its users have had mixed opinions about it. Up until last year the character limit increased from 140 to 280 and it seems to have made a big impact. Having a character limit means that you can share content which is straight to the point and can be read quickly by the user. The biggest advantage of Twitter is the ability to use hashtags. By using relevant hashtags users can search for what their interested in hopefully discover your content and account.

Sharing content on Twitter whether it’s personal or for business is a popular way of communicating with the world, meaning your timeline can become overcrowded. When sharing content you want it to reach as many of your audience as possible and this can sometimes be hard via Twitter. For this reason it’s important to pin important content to your profile page and regularly retweet older posts. The character limits has its advantages and disadvantages, the obvious one being that a large piece of content would have to be shared in a thread or the tweet would have to contain an external link to the article.

Twitter and Facebook are just two of the social media platforms that are available for businesses to use. Other channels Like Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube also carry a wide range of benefits that can help your business grow in many ways.

Social media is a great way to raise brand awareness and allows easy access to your audience. As long as you take a professional approach towards your channels, social media will definitely benefit your business.