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How to Find Cheap Youth & Adult Catchers Equipment

If you have a child who is excelling at the catcher’s position in baseball, you probably know the expense of equipment, especially for a growing kid. Even an adult’s body is consistently changing, and keeping up with the costs of protection can be a lot.

The catcher needs the most baseball equipment of all. You don’t want any foul balls, home plate collisions, or day-to-day wear and tear to affect you or your child’s body. 

You want to lead your team to victory with the assurance that you will be safe from the game’s dangers. 

It doesn’t matter whether you or your kid is playing for a future in baseball or just for the fun of it. Baseball equipment is essential. Keep reading for finding the right baseball catcher’s gear for cheap.

Comfort is Key

Finding the right catcher’s gear, whether it be new baseball gear or used, comes down to the way things fit. If the equipment doesn’t feel comfortable, it probably doesn’t fit correctly—simple as that. 

It can be hard to find things that fit your kid, especially since they don’t know how things should feel.

One of the most common mistakes is buying larger pieces thinking they’ll last longer as your kid grows. If equipment is loose, then areas of the body might be exposed to potential injury. Larger pads would also slow catchers down when they need to run or jump for a play.

The youth sizes for sports equipment are generally based on age. That doesn’t mean you have to adhere to those sizes, though. If you have a larger or smaller child, then size up or down as you see fit. 

You can go to a sports store to try out sizes if you’re doubtful about buying things online. Try them out there, then shop online to find your desired brands and prices. 

As for adult sizes, use your head or shirt size as a guide. If you want a perfect fit, check out this article for measuring purposes.

Bargain Baseball Equipment

There are a variety of options when trying to find cheap sports gear. First, always ask other team members if they have spare equipment from older siblings or friends. Making trades among teammates is sustainable, free, and the easiest option. 

If that’s not working out, then Facebook Marketplace could be a good option for buying local. When meeting up with the seller, ask to try on the gear before committing to the purchase. 

Your next best bet would be to find an online retailer that specializes in sports equipment. You can find quality catchers equipment at a great price online.

Buying used goods also means that you or your kid doesn’t have to deal with the break-in process of new equipment. Things should feel comfortable right off the bat! (Pun intended.)

Get Playing!

Baseball equipment is an expensive venture for a growing kid. There are a lot of elements to youth and adult catcher’s gear—helmets, chest protectors, and shin guards. But finding the right fit is worth it for peace of mind on behalf of the parents and children involved!

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