How to get your curves in all the right places

You turn on the radio, you put on the television and almost every song and every story is about women finally embracing their curves and trying to get them more defined. More and more women are trying to enhance their curves in whatever way they can. Curves are a sign of womanhood, and give a distinct image a la Marilyn Monroe. Want to know how to get your curves looking perfect? Here are some tips on how to do it.


A healthy diet

Seems simple enough, just eat healthier. What you put into your body will be mirrored on the outside. If you eat that whole bag of chocolates, it will show. That’s not to say you can’t indulge every once in a while, but just be smart about it. Drink plenty of water, and decrease your alcohol intake. To get more flattering curves, you don’t need to adopt a drastic diet, simply alter the types of calories you are putting in your body. Changing your diet is something you can do right away, and it will help you shed fat and reveal your natural curves.

Work it out

Take time to tone and sculpt your curves. A diet will only go so far, but a new workout routine will help to define those sexy curves. Change it up with aerobic workouts mixed with strengthening and toning. A few times a week put in workouts that are more about building muscle, like weight and core workouts. Changing your workouts will help to keep your muscles defined and help you to highlight the curves around your hips, thighs, and waist. Remember not to push yourself too hard right away. Getting the body you want takes time and patience. Build up to longer and harder workouts.


Dress it up

Not sure if you’re ready to change your diet, or adopt a new workout routine? Not a problem. There are other tricks you can try to create defined curves without changing your lifestyle too much. Accentuating the curves you already have is about wearing the right kinds of clothes. Avoid a lot of dark colours. Curves tend to be minimised when colours are a bit darker. If you are naturally on the less curvy side, it is a good idea to adopt brighter hues. If you are already pretty voluptuous, the deeper colours will still work in your favour. Wearing clothes that have added details to the bust, or the hips gives the impression of natural curves. If you are smaller in the bust, ruffles on the chest will create a fuller effect.

Cool sculpting

What about a fat freeze? Dr Ajaka from Cosmos Clinic has developed a non-invasive way to help you get rid of those unwanted fat stores. The treatment targets those unwanted fat cells and cools them to a crystallized state. This cooling permanently destroys the cells, and your body naturally removes them. It is non-invasive and painfree.

What are you favourite curve defining secrets? Post your comments below.